Love Mayah Yoga

Interested in booking a class? Click here! Classes are open to all levels! Does a group class time not work for you? Consider booking a private. Check out my private calendar here.

Yoga helps you to recenter, so you can be more balanced off the mat. Book with me today. All classes will take place via Zoom.

I offer group classes, thrice a week:

MW yin 7 pm EST

F breathwork and meditation 5 pm EST



1 person2- 4 people 5 or more
30 min.$20$30$40
60 min. $40$60$80
There also is a monthly special available where you would get for classes! Check it out here

Styles of Yoga Offered

Slow Flow

Slow flow is a slower paced vinyasa style class, where will we hold poses for a few breaths. It’s offered at three different levels to meet your needs!

Beginner- New to yoga? Want to learn more about the practice? Then the beginner class is perfect for you. We will go step by step, aiming to help you learn the names of the poses and how to do them. This class will leave you prepared!

Intermediate- This class is for the yogis who are familiar with names and sequencing. We will go deeper and explore modifications for poses to find what is right for you and your body!

Advanced- For our seasoned yogis who like a challenge! We will still flow slowly, incorporating more balancing postures.


Yin is a slower paced practice, focusing on stretching the connective tissues. We hold poses for longer periods of time, leaving you stretched and refreshed!

Intro to Yin- It’s just as it sounds! This is an introductory course for yogis new to yin! We will go slow and learn about the different postures!

Yin- For our more experienced yin yogis, we will focus on longer holds and using the wall as a prop.

Breathwork and Meditation

Breathwork and meditation is an introductory practice, focused first on culminating the breath and then relaxing the mind. We will start off with a variety of breathing exercises and then I will lead you through a guided meditation. Can be booked for thirty or sixty minutes.

Restorative yoga

Restorative yoga uses blocks, straps, bolsters, and blankets to relieve stress from the body. This practice is linked to helping heal from trauma, perfect for those who have experienced injuries and everyone in between!