día 13

I debated on just giving up #24daysofmayah. I’ve only done the first two days, but I decided I would catch up. To do so, I’ve decided I’ll do 11 things that have been reiterated to me within the last 11 days.

  1. Trust God’s timing- God’s timing is so much more perfect than mine.
  2. Try something new- See if you like it. if you don’t then you lost nothing and if you do you’ve gained something.
  3. Be vulnerable- your experiences are part of what makes you you. Be proud of them.
  4. Choose to view all of your experiences as growing and loving. Because they all helped you grow.
  5. Organize your time- waiting to the last minute just stresses you out.
  6. Be clear in what you want- and allow the space for the universe to create it.
  7. Nourish your body- you need food and water and sleep.
  8. Nourish your soul- yoga and meditation helps
  9. Do your hair- there’s something so empowering about a great twist out.
  10. Take some time out for you- stop rushing. live.
  11. Be thankful- you are blessed and highly favored. remember that.

importance of honesty

“the truth will set you free”. I really believe this to be true. Honesty is always something that is necessary to have any type of relationship. I believe that if you are honest, it displays that you’re more serious about the relationship (even if it’s just a friendship). Being able to communicate openly and honestly is a really big deal, because it’s what brings people close. And I’m not saying that you have to tell everyone your business. I’m just saying that in order to maintain healthy relationships, honestly needs to be a core value. You deserve to have people in your life who love you, who care about you and who are honest with you. But you also need to make sure that you’re that way with others. You cannot always change the situation, but you can change how you act and how you react. Be honest with yourself and really feel your feelings. Express how you feel- it does make you vulnerable but it really brings people closer. The first relationship I was really able to put this into practice was with my roommate Kaitlyn. Instead of making small talk, we talked about deep issues. Our fears, our dreams, little details that make us who we are. It has allowed for us to communicate effectively and really become very close. I accept her for who she is and she accepts me for me. This would have probably happened, but us communicating openly and honestly from the beginning really allowed for a great friendship to form. So I’m telling you- just be honest. Be upfront. Be vulnerable. Because you will learn so much more about yourself when you put yourself out there. Trust in the process because whatever is meant to happen will happen! Just be brave!!