sex is not a topic of discussion for my blog. I just wanted to touch on something that I think is really important. The most important relationship you have in live is with yourself. With this in mind it is important to understand what types of relationships you want to have. You have the right to have whatever type of relationship you want. The main thing is that the relationship is healthy, loving and honest. Normally when people talk about virginity and the “importance” of purity, it is to shame women. Besides the fact that the concept of virginity is made up (because a hymen can break without sex), humans are naturally sexual beings. I’m saying all of this to say- do what makes you happy. life is about being happy and doing things that make you happy. for some that means having sex, some that doesn’t, some want to wait until marriage. Whatever makes you happy is the most important thing. No one has the right to tell you how to live your life or what you should do with your body. it’s your choice and your life. just remember to love yourself the most and make smart decisions. if you want to be “pure”, go ahead. if you don’t, then go ahead. another important thing to think about is judging others. everyone is on a different life path, to learn lessons that they need to learn. With this being said, no one has any right to judge anyone. everything in life happens for a reason. remember that life is meant to be fun and to do things that make you happy. it’s your body- make your decisions based off of your desires! treat yourself. you deserve it!