how to travel on a budget

Going to Atlanta was the first trip I ever paid for on my own! I was so proud of myself. Here are a few tips on how to travel on a budget.

  1. Use google flights- they show you the best days to travel and when the cheapest flights are. Due to this, I went from a Wednesday to Saturday, because flying home on Sunday was really expensive.
    1. I ended up flying Spirit, because it was the cheapest. I just took a personal bag (to go under the seat), because I wasn’t going to be gone long; pro-tip- pack light! even if you check a bag, anything over 50 pounds will cost extra!
  2. I stayed in an Airbnb, which I really liked. Below I have a video of the place I stayed at. It was nice, and since I was able to split the price (I didn’t stay alone), I didn’t spend a lot. pro-tip; make sure that you select entire apartment or entire house, or else you will be staying in someone’s home with them! 
  3. Use uber. I made the mistake of taking a cab to the airbnb, from the airport which cost me $55! For the rest of the trip, I used uber, and spent less than that. pro-tip- use uberpool! It’s an option to carpool in an uber with other people who are headed in a similar direction than you. It’s a lot cheaper and doesn’t take much longer. From my experience, it worked out fine, since I wasn’t in a rush.
  4. Bring/buy snacks. Buying food for breakfast and snacks, will save you a lot of money and time. For me, I don’t normally eat a very large breakfast so it worked out perfectly!
  5. Pack all the products you’ll need! You want to make sure that you have all of what you need, so you won’t have to buy expensive products at the airport. pro-tip- pack candy and gum for the plane ride, so you don’t have to pay high prices at the airport

I hope these tips are helpful! Happy traveling!

ATL, once more

On Wednesday, I went to Atlanta, partly to visit someone, and then to visit Georgia State. From the trip I learned a few things, and I just wanted to share them.

  1. Always pay attention to your surroundings- unfortunately I was in an accident, but it was because I wasn’t pay total attention to my surroundings. Make sure you’re looking!
  2. Live in the moment- planning is important, but take in every moment.
  3. Visualize yourself where you are- because I was visiting Georgia State to see about a graduate program, I wanted to make sure I could really see myself attending school there. I think visiting schools is really important in regards to making a decision. For undergrad, I was blessed enough to my top schools, so I’m glad that I am still blessed enough to visit the graduate school programs.
  4. Take pictures- document the moment!
  5. Travel- I’ve decided to use the extra money I have to travel, instead of buying clothes! It’s the best way to make memories.

Overall, I learned a lot on this trip and am happy I went! Below are a few pictures from my trip while I was at Morehouse!

quito, ecuador 

¡hola! so since i will be in ecuador for the rest of the month (i’ve been here since the third), i’ve decided to do a travel blog. i’m a little late because i’ve been here about a week, but i plan to fill you all in on what’s been going on in this lovely country! just so background information-

  • I’m in Quito to work with The Quito Project, a collaborative project between the university of michigan and the university of san fransisco quito to run a summer camp. I’m working in the 5-7 year old classroom. 
  • Quito is the capital of Ecuador and is over 9,000 feet above sea level. the altitude adjustment was pretty simple but you have to stay really hydrated! 
  • I’m staying in a hostel with other volunteers from the university of michigan; I have three roommates.
  • All the students from USFQ are education majors, while I’m the only person interested in education from UofM
  • the weather here is really nice. it’s chiller in the morning, it gets to about 70 during the day but since the uv rays are so harsh it feels a lot warmer and then it cools down at night 

my life recently 

hello loves! it’s been a minute since i’ve been blogging. recently i’ve just been continuing to go to yoga and working on releasing the past. it’s been a pretty good time honestly. i got a job at dairy queen, but i quit because the pay was not enough (i had to train for 4.25 an hour for two weeks then once training would be over, i would be in ecuador). i’m excited to go to ecuador, i leave the third and will be gone for the rest of the month (basically, i get back the 30th). i don’t know a lot about where i’m going, so i have little to no expectations. i just know that i will have lots of fun and will remember this experience for the rest of my life. i’ve recently just been packing and getting ready for that. my plan is to get a sew-in (with a closure, so none of my hair is exposed) and my appointment is on Tuesday. I got Miink Brazilian hair, so I’ll be doing a blog review on the product after i wear it. i love the hair so far though (i just finished washing and conditioning it). i just wanted to let you know that i’m alive and well, just been a little too busy to blog. as always, i wish you all well.