tres meses

today marks three months, of “quarantine”. on march 12th, i was told i no longer needed to report at the site i was student teaching at, that classes would go online, and everything suddenly, quickly, swiftly changed.

i opted to stay in georgia instead of going home. honestly, i didn’t have much of an option. there was no way that i could have made a 10, almost 11 hour drive alone. the plan was, always, for me to fly home.

we briefly thought about me driving half way, meeting my mom, aunt and sister, and them driving me the rest of the way. but then it became well how would i get back to georgia? what if stuff was closed along the highway- like gas stations? there seemed to be no clear way for me to go home. so i stayed.

i made goals for myself. i thought about what i wanted to be like when i came out on the other side. i wanted to be more grateful. improve my confidence. get into yoga and meditation even deeper. strengthen my already steadfast faith in God. eat better. be happier. and then like outward appearance things like longer hair (which is going QUITE well if i do say so myself).

i’ve learned a lot being in this space.

  • the quality of relationships outweighs the quantity. every time
    • i’ve gotten to think about who i REALLY want to talk to. and how often i really want to talk
      • i made a list and divided in into three parts: non-negotiables (have to have), preferences (really wanted), wants (i would like, but i could go without). it was two sections- work and personal. i tried to remain true to my desires- and focused on what i truly wanted instead of what was “reasonable”. i made decisions on the relationships i had based on these.
  • the desire for human contact is innate
    • we all just want to be loved. love transcends hugs though. it’s a complex feeling of security, based on action. more on love here
      • i’ve also learned that i’m really a hugger.
  • breaks for technology are important
    • breaks allow you to recharge and recenter. it’s important.
  • all of your emotional issues get stored in your body until you release them
  • you manifest the reality of your life
    • your thoughts matter. i’ve learned ways to be gentler to myself, reminding myself that i’m still growing and it’s okay to be growing.
  • self-control is a skill
    • and a very important one. i think of the long term goal and what want, and try to make decisions off that.
      • i take note of my avoidance and ponder on why i’m avoiding it. i try to think critically of my actions, with compassion, to see how i can help myself.
another mhn gem

mercury is in retrograde

For me, when I hear the words “mercury is in retrograde”, I’m automatically reanalyzing any communication/ technological issues I have been having. I will say I’m a lot more patient when mercury is in retrograde and I strive to communicate as effectively as possible. Many people are unfamiliar with mercury retrograde and honestly it’s a shame. Becuase it explains so much, which I will explain to you.

  • What is it?
    • Mercury goes into retrograde when it’s direction to the Sun changes. Since Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, the direction of the planet to the sun changes quiet often.
  • How often does it happen a year?
    • This happens four times a year. It is in direct correlation with the Earth Zodiac signs. So it happens during Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo and Sagittarius/Capricorn. With that being said it happens during the winter, spring, end of summer/beginning of fall and winter again.
  • How do I know when it is?
    • I use the Old Farmer’s Almanac as my primary source. It has been in effect from August 30th and will end the 22nd of September. It will start again at the end of the year, from December 19th- 31st. (ps. that’s my favorite time of the year because my birthday is the 24th of December). But it is very common to feel the affects of mercury being in retrograde before or after it happens.
  • What is affected?
    • Mainly communication is affected, but technology can also be affected. During this time there may be a lot of miscommunication if you’re not careful. It’s common during this period of time to have arguments over communication with those closest to you, or to get frustrated because your bluetooth won’t connect to your stereo (that is a problem I’m having as of right now). Just remember to be patient and understand that this is a time to reflect on your communication skills. The Old Farmer’s Almanac has an option on their website to see how the retrograde affects your zodiac sign. I recommend you check it out!