to be loved

i define love as an action to support oneself or others. and i love love. i love the idea of being loved by others and others being loved as well.

one of my favorite things is to see others being loved. i think that’s my favorite thing about social media, it that i can see snippets of how others express love. while there’s always more to the story, i am always inspired by expressions of love.

it’s overwhelming at times, because it gives me so much happiness to know that others feel loved.

it’s also a reminder to me- that the love i believe in and want exists. while i know that it does, because it exists within me, it’s a reminder that love exists within each of us and that’s what connects us.

so please, love out loud. love boldly. take the word love seriously. take the commitment you make when you say you love someone seriously. how are you committing to your own wellbeing? to others? how would others want you to show your commitment? how will you show your commitment to yourself?


I think I’m going to write a book of poetry. I’ve written so much within the last week; like 18 pages of poetry. Writing is a way to heal. And i’m committed to healing; I deleted all of my social media apps, and have just been trying to be in more positive spaces. One of my friends is going through a really similar situation, and she’s been really helpful. So I will keep writing, keeping healing and growing and I hope you do the same.

the pic is just one of my favorite poems (i love the form).

living your life

Social media, along with society in general has taught us to compare our lives to others. That one definition of a relationship should be applied to all, and that if you stray away you’re being silly. I don’t believe that to be true. I believe that you should live your life the way you want. Make the decisions that you want, while working hard to support yourself- emotionally, physically, mentally and financially. These are all things that are really important. So I challenge you to challenge the status quo. Define your relationships to be what they are, and live your life to the fullest. It doesn’t matter what anyone does or says. That is their journey. You are on your path and you need to remember that. Also, social media only shows you part of a true relationships. And I mean relationships in the most general sense- whether it’s the one you have with your significant other or your parents. Everyone is different. My relationship with my mom is a lot different than my other friends. It doesn’t mean anything is wrong with your relationship with your mom, I just like the changes that have occurred. The same goes to all types of relationships. You don’t know other’s life paths or journeys- because they are not yours. Live in your moment. Let someone else live in theirs. The moment you accept yourself, your life and your situation you will be happier. In addition, you will be more carefree. Try to just live your life. The social media “#goals” couples have so much more going on than what you see over a picture, YouTube video or Snapchat. Relationships are complex, and when you don’t understand the complexity you make assumptions and paint this picture in your head about what is really happening. It’s a trap. Decide what you want for your relationships and allow that the come into your life. You deserve to be happy and be content with where you are at. Life is a journey. Enjoy it.


why you need to stop posting that you’re looking for love

Obsessing over having a serious (possibly monogamous) relationship is not healthy. I see it all too often on social media, from both men and women. It’s a problem. And I’ll explain to you why. Being in a serious, healthy, loving relationship is a lot of work. Relationships take time, respect and love. Obsessing over why you might not have one is only hurting yourself. If you’re single, take this time to focus on you. Think about what you want for yourself, for your life and for your love life. Stop obsessing over others lives- social media doesn’t even show have the relationship. Find yourself. Love yourself. You are you, whether you’re in a relationship or not. Being involved in someone’s life is such a beautiful and precious thing. It needs to be treated as much. Social media has created these ideologies that if you’re single there is something wrong with you, or that you need to aspire to date someone who completes you. Yes the instagram couples might be cute. But there is so much more to them then you know. You should only be in competition with yourself, to be the best person you can be everyday. That does not mean you should compete with others (which is what you’re doing subconsciously). Take time to attract what you want in a relationship and grow as a person. You need to love yourself before love can find you. And be open to letting love find you. Go places. Meet people. Live your life. And then see what happens. You deserve happiness and love, and sitting on social media crying about it is only hurting you. Love is simple. People are sometimes complicated. There is so much more to love than people discuss on social media. Love is supporting someone when they don’t believe themselves. It’s being their biggest cheerleader. It’s completely accepting the people for who they are and loving them unconditionally because you’re in love with their spirit. It’s giving someone the space to grow and growing with them. Relationships take a lot of work. And when they’re with the right person it’s more than worth it. Let the right person enter your life. Take a risk and you might just surprise yourself. But the first step to finding love, is getting off your phone and starting to live your life.

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a big holiday to celebrate males in society for being fathers. The true definition of a father is a male parent, or a man who fulfills that role. In our life journeys, there are people that are placed and taken out of our lives, for reasons that aren’t present for us. Specifically I’m talking about dads who aren’t in their children’s lives. I’m mentioning this because I’m seeing a lot of bitter posts on social media almost bragging that they have a father in their live, or people neglecting the holiday because there father is not present. I even saw stuff about how you should still praise your father even if he walked out on you. To me, all of this seems silly. You one shouldn’t be bragging on having a father, because it’s something you should be humble and grateful for. Second, it’s still a holiday and you should respect it, even if you’re not celebrating it. Third, just be grateful for the life you live and realize everything happens for a reason. As life goes along, you will be able to find out what you want in life. Take this day as it is. Stay positive. 

(All good, all nice)