finding my voice

My freshman year has really been a journey. I’ve grown so much. In ways that I can’t even describe. But one of the ways I did grow was that I found my voice. I mean this literally and figuratively. Literally, I started singing. Music has always been a major part of my life. I stopped singing a long time ago, in fear that someone would tell me I didn’t “sound good”. It happened once, when I was younger, so I pretty much stopped. And if I did, I never actually used my real voice, I would just half sing so if I didn’t sound good no one would judge me. Over this year, I’ve realized that I will be judged. This is not always a negative thing, but it is a thing. But I’ve also learned that opinions of others do not define me. I define myself. So I started singing again (with encouragement from my sister). I’ve realized that it helps me. You can define yourself and the opinions of others are simply opinions. Define yourself. Be the type of friend you want to have. Be the best version of yourself.


this weekend (and monday and tuesday) is fall break. though my original plan was to come home only for thanksgiving (and that was to be my first time home), I wasn’t aware of the fact that we had a break. and this is like a real break, like the cafe is closed. so i’m really happy that i went home and that i’m getting a chance to visit my family! my family came to visit me a few weeks ago, because my sister had a concert at the Michigan Theater. attached I have pictures from their visit. This past Friday was my sister’s boyfriend’s homecoming. I was glad that I got to be home to see her (and I have family pictures from that too). I’m going to homecoming this Saturday, so today I went shopping with my mom and sister. I was laughing in the dressing room with Monique about how every time I have an event we always all go shopping together. I love my family. And I’m really glad I have had the chance to go home! I also got to see my dad and I even got a new phone! I’m really enjoying my iPhone 7, but later I’ll do a review on how much I really like it. I’m taking this break to spend time with my family and rest. Make sure you cherish time with your family!