how do we invest?

investing can manifest in many different ways. we look at our local community and figure out what it needs.

what need do you want to fill?

for me, i saw that education was a need. that we needed more strong black educators to teach our youth the real history. to love them. to invest in them.

so i keep going and am getting my masters to teach.

now i’m not saying go and be a teacher. but i’m saying use your passions to invest in the community. what is your career doing to better the lives of others?

if you can’t answer that, think of other things you could do. volunteering is important. running non-profits is important. find a way to serve and invest in it.

invest in the community. it’s ours to take care of.

the mAKing of an Alpha woman

After lots of prayers and long nights, I completed my goal of joining Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated Beta Eta Chapter on November 18th, 2018. After becoming a member, I’ve been asked a lot of similar questions.

  • Why did I join?

I joined my sorority first and foremost for an increase of opportunities to support my community. As a humanitarian, I believe that it’s really important to give back to the community. And being a member of a sorority that embodies service, I’ve been able to serve my community better.

  • How do I like it?

I love it! Not only have I made friends within my chapter, but I’ve been able to connect with others from other chapters as well as other organizations. It’s been great!

  • What’s been the best part?

My favorite part has been able to connect with others within my chapter. By doing so, I have made a lot of genuine friendships. I also have been able to attend a lot more social events, because I have more people to hang out with!

All in all, I know I joined the right sorority for me. This process has been life-changing and I’ve grown so much. And I can proudly say, deep in my heart, I love my AKA.

(This was my gift from our gift exchange, from my sister Taylor!)