Life is truly about expecting who and what you are and accepting others for what they are. Often I feel like we share who we are, in efforts to see if others will accept us. In reality, the journey of life is about getting to know yourself, growing and accepting your being. Understand that your presence is essential, or else you would not be here right now in this moment. I was told recently that you are you own biggest supporter, yet you are your biggest doubter. And the biggest battle, is within yourself. This is a life long journey- loving yourself and takes consistent effort. What I’ve decided to start with is the little things. Start by rewarding yourself by taking me time. Do things that bring you joy. I painted yesterday for the first time in a while, and I’m blogging again. You’re worth celebrating, on your good and bad days.

Remember you were created this way. Embrace it.

día 17

it’s officially 7 days until my birthday!!!!!! i’m super excited. for today, i wanted to do a reflection on reusing old things. I got this pair of really cute clear glasses but the bridge is too big (i didn’t know that when i got them) and they dig into my nose, causing a slight bruise on my bridge. I went to get nose pads added on to my glasses and it did not help. So i was faced with the challenge: keep wearing them or wear another pair. i’ve had about the same prescription since the sixth grade, so i have lots of pairs of glasses to choose from. i originally wanted new glasses. and after some consideration (and not being willing to pay for new ones), i decided to reuse and old pair. the last pair of glasses i had fit really nice and i loved them. so i decided i would start wearing my burberry glasses again. apparently with some plastic frames they can get this white film (which is simple to remove) from perspiration and other chemicals, so i’m going to remove that and get them readjusted. I think the decision to just keep those glasses is important- fixing what works is a good thing.

why I love yoga

For some, yoga is exercise. For me, yoga is so much more. Yoga is a chance to be still and relax. Yoga is a chance to stretch myself: spiritually, mentally and physically. It allows me to take a risk, knowing that if I fall, I can get right back up. It allows me to know that I’m on my own journey, so it doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing. Most of the time I close my eyes- focusing solely on my body and the voice of the instructor who guides me. It gives me the opportunity to grow closer to God, because I understand that achieving ultimate peace is how I am close. I can leave all of my worries on the mat and when I leave, I’m free of burden. I may be tired or hungry, but my soul is satisfied. After classes like the one I had today, I want to do yoga every day for the rest of my life. It makes me feel whole. So yes, it might be exercise to some people, but to me it’s so much more. Namaste.