june 15th

today I’m going to post about two things that are important to me that just happened. On Sunday I graduated from high school. I graduated forth in my class, with a 4.13 cumulative and over 200,000 in scholarships. I decorated my cap and it was education themed because I want to be a teacher! I’m really proud of myself and have been celebrating myself this whole weekend. As part of my graduation gift, my dad took me to go see Beyoncé’s concert. I am a huge Beyoncé fan and enjoyed the concert a lot. My message for today is to treat yourself. Allow yourself to have fun and celebrate you. Whether that’s going to be going out or just doing something cute (like with your hair, outfits etc). Celebrate you! 

(I was so close to Beyoncé!)

(my grandparents and me) 

(I am about to change the world one student at a time!)


I’m really into plans. I always have things planned. So my plan was to go to Michigan State University, which has the number one College of Education in the country. But after considering all of my scholarship options, it would be a better choice for me financially to go to University of Michigan. It’s a great school, where I’ll be in a immersive intense Spanish program and get all the schooling I need for the real world. My goal is to still be a teacher, but I think I’ll major in Education and Business, with a minor in Spanish. My tentative major now is English, mostly because I want to focus on English to allow me to be a better teacher to younger children (who need good English skills). I just use this as my example that life happens. And that it is better to go to a school that you’re getting more scholarship funds. GO BLUE!