hill auditorium 

Last night I attended “It’s A Grand Night for Singing” at Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor. For my topics in dance and music class I am require to attend two concerts and write reports on them. The first report is due in a couple of weeks, so I planned on going early so I could get the paper out of the way. Earlier in the day, I ended up going to the hospital for my asthma (no worries, my doctor was able to help and I’m fine now). So needless to say I was a little tired during the duration of the two hour long concert but I enjoyed it. One thing I noticed was the lack of diversity. The second act had more people of color than the first, but it still wasn’t an accurate representation of the cultures on campus. I think I’m going through culture shock as of right now. Since I went to a 97% African American high school, becoming a “minority” is honestly scary. I think I’m scared because of lack of exposure. Due to my school experiences, I am comfortable being around African Americans. So this is a growing experience for me. Honestly I wish I would’ve really thought about the transition and what challenges might arise more. I sat on the Mezzanine, and I was one of four African Americans. I never really paid attention to race, because I was always just one of many. Race was never a big deal when you’re the majority. I think that’s why I’m noticing it more. But anyways, the show was good. I liked a lot of the music and I liked how the directors in corporated movement and sounds as major parts of the performance. I had to write a report on the show, which I’m almost done with. I am happy with the way the paper turned out and I’m feeling a lot better. I think asthma and issues with eczema are in relation to going through culture shock and being away from my family. But I’m going to take it one day at a time and just breathe.