miink brazilian review 

IT’S WEAVE TIME! When I went to Ecuador, I wore a lace closure and two bundles of miink Brazilian body wave (12 inch bundles, 18 inch closure (everything was cut)). So you all know I have to review it. So before I go into details I’m going to rate my experience 1-10 (1 lowest, 10 highest) for the following- quality of hair (10), styling experience (7), taking care of my real hair (7- it was tough y’all), taking care of the weave (9).

  • pre-gaming (pre-weave)

So as you all know I’m very into hair care- I want the best for my hair and my body, so I do the research, spend the money and invest in myself. So this experience was no different. Miink Brazilian is known for being one of the best hair brands in Detroit, it’s black owned and local. Kendra P, who I met in real life and I will say she’s so sweet, is known for having great quality hair. The former hairstylist makes some bomb ass weave (that’s literally the only way to describe it). The hair comes with a promise of not shedding or tangling and last very well. This is all the hair that was lost after I washed my weave two days before I got it done. That’s literally nothing. I was impressed with the quality of the hair when I received it. As for my hair, I got my hair trimmed a couple weeks before my appointment so my hair would be prepped.

  • Installation

So I got my weave installed a week before I went to Ecuador. The lady normally does one of my best friends hair, so I was confident. I had deep conditioned and used my ezcema shampoo the night before, but I still had her wash it. She washed, blowed dry and braided my hair. In my  opinion she left a little too much hair out for the edges. I think it’s because my edges situation is a little complicated- all my edges are blond so you can’t really see them. So she left out the brown hair. Next time I will just make sure she only leaves out edges. I did not like how she styled it at all. She didn’t really do a good job- only one press with no type of heat protectant. But I went home and my sister ended up straightening it for me. I didn’t like how she cut it; it was very very uneven. So I ended up going to my regular hair stylist who cut and styled my weave for $30 (I only had paid an extra 5 for my cut at the other salon).

  • The adjustment

It was hard to adjust to the weave. The hair was very nice but it was so much darker than my real hair it was a stark difference. It took a lot of getting used to, but eventually I loved the weave. It was easy to maintain and very cute. I made sure I rolled it or wrapped it every night. I also had a complicated situation in Ecuador- since I couldn’t drink the water I didn’t want to wash my hair. So I used Root Relief by Cantu and Tea Tree Oil to cleanse my scalp. I did do the LOC method on my real hair twice- using leave-in conditioner by cantu, doo-gro anti-itch oil and curlaide by camille rose. To keep my weave clean I used the dry co-wash by cantu. It was a little difficult to keep it clean but overall it was a good experience. My scalp, due the ezcema, itched a lot and I even scratched a couple sores in my head which hasn’t happened since like the tenth grade. I just had to keep using the tea tree oil and the doo-gro oil.

(this video was when I was in Baños and I wasn’t feeling the activities)

  • Post weave

The day I got home from Ecuador my other best friend came over to take out my weave. It was a long process but my real hair felt very very soft. I soaked the weave in my normal shampoo for a very long time, then after all the dandruff was gone and I was able to wash it regular. The hair looked amazing and was so soft. I’m telling you guys this hair is totally worth the investment. It’s so beautiful and soft. As for my hair, I oiled it, sprayed it down with water, added conditioner and combed out my hair. I did have shedding but it was a fairly normal amount considering it had been so long without combing it. I left that on for a couple hours, then washed my hair, conditioned it (I didn’t deep condition until a few days later, then a week later I got my hair done and my ends trimmed). I wore protective styles for the two weeks leading up to my hair appointment- mostly twists. My scalp hurt a lot right after so I tried to do minimal styling. It’s pretty much back to normal now.

(these pictures were taken before my trim) 

Overall this weave experience was great. I had some bumps in the road but I think if I would’ve been at home they would’ve been easy to take care of. I also recommend you all check out miinkbrazilian.com! 

hair journey

I got my hair done about two weeks ago, which the picture below is of right after. The second picture is from yesterday, which really is just to show the length. The most important thing to me is the health of my hair. I enjoy the length, but the health is my focus. I haven’t gotten a trim since January, so I will probably get another one in March when I get my hair done over spring break. I never have trimmed my hair on my own because I know that trimming is a delicate and intricate process that needs to be done by a professional. I believe that it’s always best to have someone who can see your hair trim it. Today, I’ll be washing my hair (which needs to be washed really bad), deep conditioning and protective styling (braids). I enjoy having my hair braided because of all the styles and that it helps my hair grow. I have been able to really grow my hair out. I plan on paying closer attention to my hair since the weather is changing (it seems like it’s trying to get warmer). Remember to treat your hair like a plant- water it, love it and care for it, to watch it flourish!


my hair 

So recently as you know I have made my transition to college. Since school has started I’ve been getting used to my schedule and finding ways to get involved on campus. Below I have the latest information about my hair! My hair journey is ever-changing, especially since coming to college!

  1. Braids: Upon coming to school I was determined to just wear my hair braided. My hair stylist pointed out that the front was breaking off a bit, so I was like I’m going to work extra hard to keep my hair protected (I’ll talk more about why later). Since University of Michigan is such a huge university, I figured that I would be able to find someone who would be able to braid my hair. Luckily that person happened to be my roommate (which is fantastic). So last week she braided my hair on Friday, which I undid on Wednesday. Considering the fact that my hair was curly when she braided it and not blowed dry (plus it was all of my hair only), I’m surprised (and happy) it lasted that long! Though I don’t have full pictures of my hair, I do have a couple (along with a look I did with the braids). I also have attached the style I picked out (which I found on pintrest).
  2. Post Braids (More Braids lol):  After that, I french braided my hair in two french braids, the picture of that is from today. I enjoy just having two french braids because it is easy to maintain in general and it looks cute for a few days.
  3. Pre-College- I got my hair straightened before I came to college and I got my ends clipped. My curl definition is getting more and more defined, which I really like. Plus my hair is healthy and that is ALWAYS the goal. That picture was taken after I deep conditioned my hair. It’s growing a lot too which makes it easier to style.
  4. Apple Cider Vinegar in Strengthen, Grow and Restore Shampoo (by Shea Moisture)– As you all know I love shea moisture. It’s my favorite product brand cause it really keeps my hair moisturized. I use the strengthen, grow and restore leave-in conditioner and sometimes the regular conditioner so I decided to try their shampoo. I was washing my hair about every three days, to remove product. Since the product line is called strengthen, grow and restore I figured it is really good for my hair. I was wrong. This product is a clarifier, because it has apple cider vinegar. This means that the product restores your hair to it’s natural pH which can be affected by the products you use. Overall if your is oily, it works out really nice. But since my hair is drier it led to my hair not being as moisturized as it should have been. Luckily, I haven’t been using this product that often for a really long period of time. Restoring your hair to it’s natural pH is not a bad thing, my normal eczema shampoo did the same thing. It leaves your scalp and hair very clean. It just should not be done in excess. My hair stylist recommended shampooing my hair every ten days. I’ve decided that about half way through (or whenever my braids give out which is about half way through lol), I will cowash and just condition my hair.
  5. Conditioning- I love to condition my hair using coconut oil. I just use a little when I have conditioner on my hair and it makes it really soft when I rinse it out. I’ve decided that I will deep condition when I wash my hair (not cowash because I don’t want it to end up being that I deep conditioned twice in a week- overconditioning is not good). I sit under the drier between ten and twenty minutes (most of the time it’s just because I don’t feel like getting up again lol!). And I always make sure I rinse my hair out with cold water, which helps to seal in moisture. When I wash or cowash I use warm water, which opens up the hair follicles so that they can receive the moisture.

Overall I’ve been doing a lot with my hair recently. Just make sure that you’re finding things that work for you and using a stylist who knows what she’s doing. As someone who has had iffy hair stylists before, it is really important. My hair stylist currently is a professional colorist and even is trained to teach other people color. Make sure your hair stylist knows that they are doing and can help you out! Maintaining healthy hair is a journey, but you don’t have to do it alone!

May your curls forever stay poppin.



LOC is a hair care method that stands for Liquid/Leave-In, Oil and Creme. I found it about a month ago, and I love it. I wet my hair (mostly after I condition it and rinse it), add leave-in conditioner (either Shea Mousiture: Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner or Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Leave-In Conditioner), oil (Coconut, Olive, Silk (Design Essentials), and Renewing Argon Oil of Morroco (OGX)), and creme (Cantu Coconut Curling Cream). I love these products due to their ability to keep my hair soft and moisturized. As far as conditioner goes, I’ve tried a new cowashing cleanser by Shea Mouisture, Coconut & Hibiscus Co-Wash Conditoning Cleanser, which has worked very well on my hair. It’s important to cowash because it allows your hair to keep its essential oils (which shampoo strips them of), so that it can grow healthily. The goal is healthy hair. Whether you want to grow it out, or cut it into a short style. People tend to forget that short hair is cute too. Short hair takes maintenance, just as longer hair does. You need to make sure that if your hair is short, you do get it cut regularly, and keep it in a style. Your hair doesn’t have to be long to be cute, it just needs to be styled. I’ve been recently trying to find more protective styles, so I’ve been perfecting my halo French braid (the picture below is a side picture from my snapchat (I was very proud)). I wanted to make sure I have a large variety of styles for school, since I’m currently wearing my hair curly. My favorite is French braids though, because they hold mouisture really well.  I actually French braid my hair different than most people, so if you’re interested in learning more, please comment and I’ll post a video later on.