a prayer

Dear Lord, I ask as this new season arises for love and healing. To allow the past to release itself, and place me in this present moment. Allow me to be where my feet are. I ask that you heal my heart all of aches and pains, so that I may be able to love unconditionally, first to myself then to others.

Dear Lord, I ask for quality companionship. I ask that I be able to discern the relationships I currently hold and that you reveal the truth to me. So that I may continue to learn. Lord allow me to only hold relationships that are in my greatest and highest good. If I need to alter relationships, please allow me to see so in as gentle of a manner as possible. I ask that as I continue to grow for companionships that satisfy me, where I feel loved, supported and at peace. Remove all drama and pettiness, and replace it with light and love.

Lord, I ask you to hold me close and heal me of all pain. Especially in my stomach. I ask for healthy digestion and for my body to be balanced and whole. I ask that all of what I consume, whether it’s food, words, or interactions be for my greatest and highest good. Purify my food and interactions so that I may grow closer to you.

Lord, open my heart to your love and allow my spirit to be filled with you.

In Jesus name I pray for all of this and whatever you Lord deem in my greatest and highest good, Amen.

finals szn

So as final season comes to a close, I just wanted to share some tips on how I managed through it all! I was done with school on the 25th, but that last week was hectic. Classes finished the 17th, but I had a project due on the 10th and the 17th, two papers and a movie due on the 20th, a final exam on the 25th. So in order to manage through it, I did some things differently than I normally do!

  1. I looked ahead. I started planning for this period of time in March, instead of waiting until April. Some of the assignments, specifically the movie and  the assignment on the 10th, ahead of time so I just tried to get those done sooner.
  2. Planning me time- normally during finals I have slacked on self-care. But this time, I went to yoga almost everyday for a week, got tons of sleep and ate right. By doing this, I was prepared. I kept a tight schedule, which allowed me to be stress-free.
  3. Staying on campus- normally, I leave school the last day of classes and just do any assignments at home. But since my two papers (due on the 20th), had to be turned in hard-copy, I stayed on campus. Staying on campus really made me stay focused and studied a lot.
  4. Study spaces- I had a really good talk about study spaces with my roommate before finals approached. She likes to study with the room 100% quiet, which bothered me, but normally I was gone so it never really had that big of an effect on my life. But since I knew I would be there for a longer time, I talked to her about study spaces, so not only did I study outside of the room, she did as well, which made me feel more comfortable. It’s important to communicate how you feel, especially while living with someone. Finals can be stressful if not managed right, so make sure you talk it out ahead of time.

All of these tips, along with lots of prayer and meditation, allowed me to have a successful finals period! I ended the semester with a 3.623 cumulative! I wish you all the best of luck!

being true to you

Being true to yourself, your desires and how you feel is really important. Remember that you are a spiritual being, having a human experience. This means that you have the ability to get a feel for other’s auras and energy. This is important. Follow your gut feeling!!! If it feels like you shouldn’t be there, then leave. If it feels like you should be there, then stay. Remember that you’re on a guided journey, which will help you grow spiritually. You got this. My best advice is to meditate and do yoga. Doing yoga helps release old things, as well as meditation does. The releasing of these old things will allow space for you to be your authentic self. You’re on a journey of self-discovery- you’re constantly changing. So as you grow and change, just be true to yourself. Think with your heart and your head. And don’t forget to pray.

“this election is stressing me out!”

I talked to my roommate earlier and she told me those exact words as she’s watching the polling numbers come through. As much as I want to not care, I can’t help but occasionally look at poll numbers to see who is winning. I have already put my political beliefs out there, and I stick by them. I wanted to make a post about how I was lucky enough to be in attendance at the University of Michigan Rally with President Obama yesterday, but that will have to be saved for another day. As an African-American woman, this election is important to me. This election is important to my future children and I can honestly say I’m trying hard to have faith in this country. I’m trying hard to remember that this is the country that despite the racial issues that have been exposed by Trump’s campaign, voted and elected President Barack H. Obama as 44th president of the United States. I’m trying to have faith that we will elect a woman who is passionate about children and women and who has morals. So as the results pour in, Lord please be with America. Please allow us to have the ability to understand right from wrong and to have voted for the candidate on the left who is the right candidate (lol cause liberals are seen as on the left). I thank you Lord for this in advance. Amen.