how do we recenter?

as a yoga teacher-in-training, i would have to tell you meditation. to take time with yourself and become one with the Universe. meditation refers to the practice of stillness of the body and the mind. this can be sitting quietly and focusing on the flame of a candle (and releasing stress) or just breathing.

as a teacher, i would tell you to plan. get a planner. i recently got a passion planner and it has a bunch of resources on how to plan, they even have free calendars on their site available for download!

once you have figured out how you want to tribute to the greater good of our society, you have to have a plan. ask the Universe for guidance. allow yourself to be guided so that you can complete your task.


So I’ve decided that it’s time for me to share what’s going on in my life. As my senior year has come to a close, I’ve finally officially enrolled at the University of Michigan. Though it was not my original plan, I feel like it’s all a part of the plan. It really upset me at first, mostly because I am very into planning and staying on track. It seems to be a lot of changes going on, and I’m just learning to go with them. But I’m always working on trying to be more firm with what I want. My mom and I talk about it, about how I have to express what I want so I can actually get it. So I’m working on being more open with my desires and starting to hold people accountable for their actions. These changes are good, but it’s a lot. I just understand that at the end of the day it’s always going to be fine. And that there is a bigger plan for all of us and sometimes that’s not what you plan. Just because it’s not what you planned doesn’t mean it’s not a part of the plan for you!