how to invest, pt. 2

investing is a lifestyle. investing takes time, intention and money.

in my last blog post about investing, i talked about ways that we can invest within our professions. this means that you are dismantling systemic oppressive systems at your job. many people subscribe to the thought that the only way to change the system, is to be the system. and while i believe that, being passive within an oppressive system helps no one. you must enter the system and actively work to be anti-racist. actively work to engage in change. actively work to seek out others who are about the movement.

but it’s also with our dollars. we need to be supporting black owned businesses, which is a way to support black people as individually and collectively. start asking yourself- who owns this? from what i’ve seen, most things are run by white men. where is your money going? are the passionate about the movement? what are they doing to be anti-racist? your dollar has value. use it to your advantages.

here are some resources about how to support:

support black businesses

sweet savage index

yoga green book (black owned yoga studios and black yoga teachers)

black.owned.everything (on instagram)

april 1st 2018


i hope all is well. i’ve been taking some time out to really continue on my growing process. one thing i’ve done lately is taken time to heal. a few weeks ago, i saw a post about how people often don’t take time to heal, but just keep going. so a lot of old stuff has come up and i’ve been able to heal, through releasing, reiki (thanks mommy!) and yoga. this is one of the consequences of mercury being in retrograde; old things will be brought up. mercury being in retrograde used to be something that I saw as annoying; i would be upset that my communication wasn’t going well or that my phone was bugging. as i’ve gotten older, i’ve realized the beauty in taking a break and healing. changing how i communicate, to be more thorough is beneficial not annoying. healing and crying from past wounds is beneficial, not annoying. i feel like when i go on twitter a lot of people are acting as if mercury being in retrograde is the worst, but it’s actually the opposite. Open your heart to change and growth and allow mercury being in retrograde to heal you and help you grow. Meditate more, take more time for you, and have a little more patience. and remember, all is well.

free spirit

I haven’t had much time to blog, but I have so many things I want to talk about. I finish school next Wednesday (yay! freshman year is done!), so I’ll blog about those things later (don’t worry I have a list going). I just wanted to talk about something me and one of my friends were talking about earlier. In relationships, sometimes people want more of you than you can give. this is something that is natural and may occur. When this happens, it is important to let that person go. Sometimes people want things from you that you can’t give, and sometimes you want things from people that they can’t give. All this means is the relationship is not right for you. Therefore it means it’s time to move on! Everyone is in your life for a reason and you have to thank them for that. I know for me, I’m a free spirit. I need space to be myself and be appreciated for that. And that’s in all the relationships I have. For some people that works, for others it doesn’t. Accepting yourself for who you are and others for who they are is very important. Remember to be yourself! Love yourself. You deserve it.