ATL, once more

On Wednesday, I went to Atlanta, partly to visit someone, and then to visit Georgia State. From the trip I learned a few things, and I just wanted to share them.

  1. Always pay attention to your surroundings- unfortunately I was in an accident, but it was because I wasn’t pay total attention to my surroundings. Make sure you’re looking!
  2. Live in the moment- planning is important, but take in every moment.
  3. Visualize yourself where you are- because I was visiting Georgia State to see about a graduate program, I wanted to make sure I could really see myself attending school there. I think visiting schools is really important in regards to making a decision. For undergrad, I was blessed enough to my top schools, so I’m glad that I am still blessed enough to visit the graduate school programs.
  4. Take pictures- document the moment!
  5. Travel- I’ve decided to use the extra money I have to travel, instead of buying clothes! It’s the best way to make memories.

Overall, I learned a lot on this trip and am happy I went! Below are a few pictures from my trip while I was at Morehouse!

my advice for freshman

as a mature, second-semester sophomore, I have three simple steps to make your freshman year super simple.

  • Be yourself

you’re a great person. just be nice. be yourself. you got this. those that should be in your life will be drawn to you and will stay in your life. you need to understand that being yourself is the key to making friends- yes going to all of the events will help but you will only find true friendship when you’re being you. also, remember that friendships take time. remember how long it took you to call your bestie in high school your bestie? it took longer than a month. so keep that in mind!

  • Stay calm

I have seen so many freshman look so nervous. just relax. you’re in a new space where you’re going to grow in ways you never thought you would. so just be open for love, growth, happiness and healthiness. you’re going to be just fine.

  • Pay attention

Make sure you pay attention to your surroundings! this is a good rule to follow for general safety, but there could be some really cool events going on around you! so just pay attention!