finals szn

So as final season comes to a close, I just wanted to share some tips on how I managed through it all! I was done with school on the 25th, but that last week was hectic. Classes finished the 17th, but I had a project due on the 10th and the 17th, two papers and a movie due on the 20th, a final exam on the 25th. So in order to manage through it, I did some things differently than I normally do!

  1. I looked ahead. I started planning for this period of time in March, instead of waiting until April. Some of the assignments, specifically the movie and  the assignment on the 10th, ahead of time so I just tried to get those done sooner.
  2. Planning me time- normally during finals I have slacked on self-care. But this time, I went to yoga almost everyday for a week, got tons of sleep and ate right. By doing this, I was prepared. I kept a tight schedule, which allowed me to be stress-free.
  3. Staying on campus- normally, I leave school the last day of classes and just do any assignments at home. But since my two papers (due on the 20th), had to be turned in hard-copy, I stayed on campus. Staying on campus really made me stay focused and studied a lot.
  4. Study spaces- I had a really good talk about study spaces with my roommate before finals approached. She likes to study with the room 100% quiet, which bothered me, but normally I was gone so it never really had that big of an effect on my life. But since I knew I would be there for a longer time, I talked to her about study spaces, so not only did I study outside of the room, she did as well, which made me feel more comfortable. It’s important to communicate how you feel, especially while living with someone. Finals can be stressful if not managed right, so make sure you talk it out ahead of time.

All of these tips, along with lots of prayer and meditation, allowed me to have a successful finals period! I ended the semester with a 3.623 cumulative! I wish you all the best of luck!

forgiving yourself

Sometimes you do things that you shouldn’t. And I’ve found that one of the people it’s hardest for me to forgive is myself. Last week, after being super stressed about an exam and some papers, I completely shut down. I slept most of the last weekend and really failed at taking care of me. Since then, I’ve been beating myself up for not doing a good job taking care of me. Even though I’ve been more deliberate about taking care of myself this week, it’s like i’m still not over what I did. What I’ve had to realize is, everything is to help you learn. From this experience, I learned that I need to work harder to manage my stress and to do self checks. Yoga is my favorite thing to do. If I’m not going to yoga, I need to really look and see how I’m feeling. I’m the only one responsible for caring for me. So I have to do it. I have to eat cleaner (I’m working on it but chocolate is my downfall). I have to sleep more. I have to make time for me. So i’m going to go get ready for bed. Just remember to go easy on yourself. You’re growing and things are changing. Deal with them in the healthiest way possible. You got this.

self- care time

I’ve been so busy the last two weeks it’s ridiculous. It’s midterm season and I’ve just had a lot of homework and essays to do. My self- care has really been lacking because of it. I’ve realized how important sleep is (after I finish this, I’m going to bed). Sleeping and drinking enough water are crucial to taking care of yourself. I went to yoga today, for the first time all week and it was amazing. I enjoyed just having that time just for me. I’ve realized that with homework and other commitments, I’ve got to make sure that I’m taking care of me. My roommate is gone for the weekend and it’s my first time being alone in a while, which is nice but different. I’m learning yet again to love my space and my self. One of my biggest things lately is letting go and trusting the process. I understand that I’m at the perfect spot for me and that I need to make little changes to be better. Like when I started did my rough draft for my paper two days before it was due, then met with my professor to discuss it and then did the edits. Things like that are making my life so much easier. I just need to make sure that while I’m managing my school work better, I’m managing my Mayah time better. Be one with yourself and learn to enjoy just sitting. Try being still for ten minutes- without your phone. Just be in the moment. Enjoy the detox. Get some rest. Drink some water.