slowing down to feel all the feels

as a child i was very in touch with my emotions. as i grew older, i wanted to become more detached from them, but they would still always show up. just in ways that weren’t fun- like blowing up over “nothing”. i internalized a lot of emotions because they were big and i didn’t knowContinue reading “slowing down to feel all the feels”


its another night that i’m up around 3, with a lot of discomfort. my stomach hurts- i’ve been in pain for weeks. when i went to the doctor i was told to increase my fiber and take daily laxactives. i did the first part- there’s just no way i can take a laxactive everyday. i’veContinue reading “discomfort”


lately, my anxiety has been through the roof. but luckily, i’m aware of the trigger. i start my last semester of undergrad on Tuesday and to be frank i’m terrified. there are so many changes coming this semester, and though they’re all based on conscious decisions I made, i’m still nervous. i’m feeling sad aboutContinue reading “nerves”


The title of this blog just sounds depressing but that’s not the point of this. This is a post to let everyone know that they are not alone. The pain of a breakup can really hurt, and I’m currently going through that. Today marks the longest I haven’t talked to my ex since I metContinue reading “Pain”