Oil Treatments 

Recently, as I have been trying to not only grow my hair out but successfully keep it moisturized as the seasons change, I’ve been obsessed with hot oil treatments. I know that if you massage your scalp (which you are supposed to do daily) for anywhere from 3-15 minutes it can help growth. I found this out a long time ago, but since I wore my hair straight a lot more last year, I wasn’t really able to implement it until now. In addition to conditioning every night, I try to oil my scalp for around 15 minutes twice a week. I also try to just oil prior to conditioning. My sister’s assemble instructor told her yesterday that a good way to weekly condition is mixing oil and water in a spray bottle, spraying your hair, then conditioning it. While the conditioner is still in you have to place on a shower cap, then a bonnet. You should let this sit over night and rinse it out in the morning. I am looking forward to trying this and I will let you know how it is going! As for my new products (https://lovemayah.wordpress.com/2015/11/04/new-products/), I am totally in love. All of them have different properties and affect my hair slightly different, but mixing them together and then conditioning has really helped me. I’ve also noticed that cold water helps retain the moisture. Since I have a drier hair type I really try to condition often. I know that I really struggled with keeping my hair moisturized in the winter, especially when it’s curly. So I’ve made a special effort to use protective styles to keep my hair soft. My favorite protective styles is two french braids. I’ve talked about my braids before and how I french braid differently so that I get all of my hair, especially because my middle is the shortest part of my hair. Tonight I plan on Bantu Knotting my hair, and trying a new technique (if it turns out good I’ll blog about it tomorrow). I also plan on buying more oils for my oil treatments tomorrow and trying to find a good product to do a protein treatment off of. I know that there a tons of ways to make a protein treatment, so if I don’t find a good product, I’ll make one. So I wish you all happy styling and hope that your hair stays moisturized and fabulous!

Hair Growth

For majority of the summer, my hair was curly (which is the way it loves to be, and flourishes that way). The most important thing I did to my hair was the loc method. It allowed my hair to keep the mousiture, so that it grew a lot. My hair is drier, I’d say my hair type is like 3C, but my hair shaft is different so it doesn’t always retain mousiture. It grew a lot, and to be honest I was surprised. I did a lot to my hair to make sure it was taken care of, conditioning (at least one deep condition a week and regular conditioning pre-styling at least three times a week), washed (or co-washed at least once of week), drank lots of water, used the loc method every time I did my hair, and protective styled. Happy styling!



    LOC is a hair care method that stands for Liquid/Leave-In, Oil and Creme. I found it about a month ago, and I love it. I wet my hair (mostly after I condition it and rinse it), add leave-in conditioner (either Shea Mousiture: Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner or Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Leave-In Conditioner), oil (Coconut, Olive, Silk (Design Essentials), and Renewing Argon Oil of Morroco (OGX)), and creme (Cantu Coconut Curling Cream). I love these products due to their ability to keep my hair soft and moisturized. As far as conditioner goes, I’ve tried a new cowashing cleanser by Shea Mouisture, Coconut & Hibiscus Co-Wash Conditoning Cleanser, which has worked very well on my hair. It’s important to cowash because it allows your hair to keep its essential oils (which shampoo strips them of), so that it can grow healthily. The goal is healthy hair. Whether you want to grow it out, or cut it into a short style. People tend to forget that short hair is cute too. Short hair takes maintenance, just as longer hair does. You need to make sure that if your hair is short, you do get it cut regularly, and keep it in a style. Your hair doesn’t have to be long to be cute, it just needs to be styled. I’ve been recently trying to find more protective styles, so I’ve been perfecting my halo French braid (the picture below is a side picture from my snapchat (I was very proud)). I wanted to make sure I have a large variety of styles for school, since I’m currently wearing my hair curly. My favorite is French braids though, because they hold mouisture really well.  I actually French braid my hair different than most people, so if you’re interested in learning more, please comment and I’ll post a video later on. 


    Winter Hair Tips (again)

    Hi loves! I just wanted to mention something that was brought up to me in my last hair care blog about winter hair tips. My blogs about hair are mainly (though never limited to) women with curly hair, when it is in it’s naturally curled state. For those of you who know me, you know that more often than not my hair is actually straightened (I go to a professional and get my hair done on a regular basis). Because of my hair type, I shouldn’t wash my hair more than one every week and a half or so (I have a mix of type 3c, 4a, and 4b hair when it’s curled),  so it’s easier to just get it done every two weeks (plus I don’t press my own hair, so if I wash it I leave it curly). I’m mentioning all of this to say that when my hair is straight I DO NOT oil my hair everyday. I may oil it once a week or so, and then wrap and protective style. Thank you Lauryn, for pointing that out, I greatly appreciate that. And for oil I go to my local Lee’s Beauty Supply Store (though Sally’s or Ulta will do) and get Hollywood Beauty Coconut Oil, Castor Oil and Olive Oil. I like the coconut oil the best because it’s supposed to help your ends stay moisturized. Sometimes I’ll mix the two and use little to none (again when my hair is straight) I only add one drop, if that. My straight hair absorbs oils easily. If I oiled my hair every day my hair would look stringy (and horrid). As far as oiling every day I only might do that when my hair is curly (mostly because I wear it curly in the summer when I do wash-and-gos or co-wash my hair). I still suggest you all drink a bunch of water and take some hair vitamins. The vitamins really help. I go to Trader Joe’s, a take one of their women’s hair and nails vitamins. I have my hair goal (which I’m so excited to share since I never post pictures of my hair), which is below. I’m currently trying to grow out my hair, it was in layers and some of those layers where shorter than others. It was cut the end of January to above my shoulders when it was straight. After tons of work on getting my hair healthy and happy, I’m just growing it out now.  I hope you all have your hair goals planned out and ready to go! Feel free to comment any hair topics you want me to address, I’d love to hear from you all! Stay fabulous!