i’m writing a book (maybe? yes? no?)

yoga is the one thing in my life that will always make me feel better. writing sometimes makes me feel better, but always helps me think through what i’m going through. last year i started writing a book, about heartbreak and healing. it’s a collection of poetry that looks at heartbreak from multiple lenses, all from the perspective of the individual experiencing the pain. the collection in and of itself is raw, it explores many emotions that are painful and complex. i’m a few days into editing and honestly i love it. i can’t wait to see how the collection grows, what changes i make and how publishing works. while life is forcing me to sit and be still, i will be using my time to create, meditate and expand my yoga practice. i pray i grow stronger mentally, physically and emotionally. and i hope the same for you.

please enjoy one of the pieces from the book:

for years i was searching for someone like you
for someone to love.
i wanted more than anything to find you.

and today i looked up and i realized that i was the person i was waiting for all along.

that the universe was right that everything i needed truly was within me.
and i’m so sorry it took me so long to see it. but so grateful i see it now.

because my love you are amazing.
you are beautiful on the inside.
your heart is big and kind.
you think before you speak. you are deliberate with your words and on the occasion you are not you reflect. you think critically about what happened and why and what you were supposed to learn.
you work to diminish your ego, so that lesson may be easier for you.
because of your sensitive spirit words hurt you. and people hurt you. but you allow yourself to feel the pain and try very hard to get over it. even when it’s hard.
you admit when you are wrong. no matter how embarrassed it makes you feel.
and it took you a while to learn to admit when you needed help, but you’re learning it.

you love unconditionally and you set firm expectations
the act of you loving is healing to yourself and to others
you give just to give, but you demand to be respected.

you work hard to protect yourself and those you love.
your anxiety makes it so that you are prepared for every scenario possible because you made a promise to yourself over 7 years ago and you still work EVERYDAY to keep it your dedication to yourself and your growth is unparalleled.

you are loyal and honest. you hold the people you love to the highest standards because you know they can do it. you support without pushing, for you understand that everyone is learning where they are and if you interfere, they may not learn as much as they could. and to you, learning is the most important thing.

you know when it’s time to go. you leave early and return to a world that you created for yourself. you nourish your body and your soul, on purpose.

you stay away from things and people that have hurt you. you want more than anything to protect yourself. your boundaries with yourself may not always be easy to adhere to, but you know it’s worth it.

my love you are the greatest blessing in my world. you are a blessing to the world. and i promise that know that i see that, i will always remember it.

día 13

I debated on just giving up #24daysofmayah. I’ve only done the first two days, but I decided I would catch up. To do so, I’ve decided I’ll do 11 things that have been reiterated to me within the last 11 days.

  1. Trust God’s timing- God’s timing is so much more perfect than mine.
  2. Try something new- See if you like it. if you don’t then you lost nothing and if you do you’ve gained something.
  3. Be vulnerable- your experiences are part of what makes you you. Be proud of them.
  4. Choose to view all of your experiences as growing and loving. Because they all helped you grow.
  5. Organize your time- waiting to the last minute just stresses you out.
  6. Be clear in what you want- and allow the space for the universe to create it.
  7. Nourish your body- you need food and water and sleep.
  8. Nourish your soul- yoga and meditation helps
  9. Do your hair- there’s something so empowering about a great twist out.
  10. Take some time out for you- stop rushing. live.
  11. Be thankful- you are blessed and highly favored. remember that.

first day

yesterday I officially moved in college. though this was something that I have been looking forward to since I was young, it was crazy that it actually happened. I basically packed up my whole life, taking four different suitcases (two of them very large), around ten boxes, a duffel bag, along with other bags, under bed storage, a tv and a drier I can sit under. Needless to say it took my family (my aunt, my mom, my sister and I) about four hours to unpack everything. My dad ended up coming to my dorm later in the day and he helped to set up too. So this was definitely a family affair. I am extremely excited to start my new life here at University of Michigan. I think that I will have a lot of fun and make new friends, while learning a lot about myself and different things that are important to me. I already have homework even though I don’t start classes until the sixth. Yesterday they had a lot of activities to do, but I just stayed with my family. I wanted to enjoy the day with them and I did. My mom, aunt and sister leaving was really emotional. I was sad, mostly because the life I am used to living has changed. Throughout my life there have been a lot of changes, but my family has always been there for me. Especially my mother, who has literally been there for me, even before I was born (literally for an extra nine months she’d had my back). I’ve never lived without my mother before. So though everyone leaving my dorm was emotional, I think her leaving had to be the hardest. I’m very thankful though. That I have such a supportive family, one who got up at 6:45 am and worked literally all day to make my room look great. And I’m thankful that I’m getting along great with my roommate (plus her family is really nice). Today marks the beginning (the official beginning since yesterday I didn’t do anything but unpack) of my college journey. I woke up at about 7:30, which is fairly normal (I get up around 8), and now I think I’m going to get ready to start my day.

(move in day selfie (from left to right- my auntie, my mom, me and my sister is in the front) 

new year, new look

It’s officially 2016!!! This is going to be a year of big changes, first being my blog! I changed the look and have decided to focus more on my blog and other important social topics. I plan to blog twice a week (at least) and plan to be more open with my friends and family. I want to become more open and work on my communication. Also, remember that everything that has happened thus far is for a reason and has a lesson behind it. It’s important to take everything as a learning experience and let go! May 2016 bring you happiness, joy, love and hope! Happy New Year!

New Products!

Last night I did one of my favorite things and went hair care product shopping! I got two new products from Shea Moisture! I’ve used the Yucca one before, but the other two are new! I got the 10 in 1 renewal system because one of my friends uses the hair masque and it works really nice for her curls. As far as the strengthen, grow, & restore, I got that because I use two of the products in the line- the leave-in and edge treatment (because who doesn’t want stronger edges?!) When I conditioned my hair last night I used a mix of all three conditioners and my hair is really soft and holding moisture very well. I’ll let you guys know how this goes!