my hair routine (nov 2017)

hey y’all! it’s been forever since i’ve posted my hair care routine (I actually need to do a review on this homemade deep conditioner my roommate and I made). I just wanted to give you all an update on what I’ve been doing!

this was my hair in August of 2017

this is my hair this week!

isn’t it crazy how much it’s grown?! well here’s how I did it

major tips:

  • wash once a week

I used to wash my hair every ten days, with a shampoo that helped my eczema and then co-wash every five days. I thought that doing this was helping to keep my hair moisturized. After I had my sew-in  I really realized how much I was overwashing my hair. Your hair needs water, but it doesn’t need to be washed that often. I shifted to washing my hair once a week and deep conditioning. I really like it, plus it’s easy to keep up with.

  • deep condition weekly

I cannot stress the importance of deep conditioning. What I’ve recently been doing is adding my deep conditioner (I’m using Natural Deep Conditioner by EDEN), deep conditioning for 15 minutes under the drier and then detangling after. The deep conditioning makes it really easy to comb through.

  • use a satin bonnet AND a satin pillow case

I only use satin products on my hair. I have two satin wraps, a scarf, a long bonnet, two regular size bonnets and two pillow cases. though my bonnet normally stays on, I like having the satin pillow case just in case my hairline comes outside of the bonnet. Plus the pillow cases are really pretty lol.

  • drink lots of water

I know I drink WAY more than most people do. I drink probably around a gallon of water a day. It keeps my body hydrated and my hair moisturized. You should at least be drinking half of your body weight in ounces!

  • detangle outside of the shower

As my hair has gotten longer, detangling takes a lot longer. I started detangling in the mirror outside of the shower for a couple reasons. One, I was tired of my hands turning pruney from being in the shower too long. Two, I wanted to see my hair as I was detangling it. This has allowed me to see tangles earlier so I’m not just ripping out my hair. Last week, I kept my hair in two french braids for a full week to see how much I shed, so I could get a basis for how much I should be shedding.

This is how much hair I shed after a week! I believe my routine along with detangling gently allowed for this to happen.

  • trim your hair (NOT YOU A PROFESSIONAL)

Getting trims are so important to maintaining healthy hair. I get a trim just about every time I need one- since I go so long with curly hair, I get them close to every time I get my hair done. After a trim my curls are so bouncy and beautiful. You should get your trim done by a professional- they went to school to learn how to trim properly and it is impossible to accurately trim your hair. My hairstylist has been doing hair for at least 20 years and told me she still struggles trimming her own hair. It’s just hard. So let someone else do it for you! And make sure that person is a professional.

  • keep a regime

Keeping a regime is crucial. As a college student, I’m busy. So I want to make sure that I can manage my school work, personal life and hair. Knowing how I’m going to do my hair helps me manage it all.

actual routine:

  • Wash day

Normally I wash my hair on Saturday or Sunday. I use Shea Moisture’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen and Restore Shampoo. I normally wash three times.

  • Deep Conditioning

I use EDEN’s Natural Deep Conditioner when I deep condition. I lather it on my hair, then I put on a clear shower cap and sit under my drier for 15 minutes. I detangle outside of the shower; then I rinse my hair out with lukewarm water, then after it’s all out I use cold water to seal in the moisture.

  • LOC

After I rinse out the conditioner, I put a cotton t-shirt on over my head to dry it. After a while (I can leave mine on for like an hour and be fine, but I try to leave it on for like 10/15 minutes- my hair retains a lot of water), I take my hair down.

L (Liquid/Leave-In)- I spritz my hair down lightly with water. I then use Aloe Vera Gel (just regular from target) and Miss Jessie’s Leave in Condish.

O (Oil)- I use OGX Coconut Milk and Shea Butter. I try to limit my oils because I can get heavy handed (lol). When I use too much oil my face ends up being really oily. So just using the Coconut Milk with Shea Butter has really helped.

C (Cream)- I use Cantu’s Coconut Cream and Camille Rose’s Curlaide. I like the coconut cream becuase it’s really thick but the Curlaide leaves my hair feeling more hydrated so I use both.

  • Protective Style

I try to make sure that I do at least one protective style a week. Last week, I did french braids and left them in all week (I did wear a turban for about 3 days because the braids got a little too curly to wear out). This weekend one of my friends twisted my hair. That was on Saturday night, so I wore twists Sunday and Monday. Tomorrow, I plan on taking the twists down. Since twists work really well for my hair type, I will just add aloe vera, coconut milk and shea butter each night until I wash it again (this will preserve the curls and keep my hair moisturized). I love aloe vera gel because it goes on really easy and keeps my hair looking really nice (but it’s not water based so putting it on twists won’t ruin the twist out). Shea butter also can work as a cream!

These are recent pictures of my hair straight! I’ll do a blog pretty soon on how I care for and maintain my straight hair without heat!

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions! 

braids, weaves & curls

As you know from my last hair post, I’ve been wearing my hair in braids since I’ve gotten to college. It works out really nice because my roommate does my hair and it gives us a chance to have some really deep conversation for concentrated periods of time. So what normally happens is I pick the hair style off of Pinterest (which is one of my favorite apps) and she’ll recreate it for me. This system works really nice but I noticed something. And that is what I want to talk about.

  • Weaves affect perceptions on hair. I think weaves are great honestly. Though I’ve never had a weave, many of the young women that I’m close with wear weaves. So I have learned about weaves in my life. I think that when used correctly, they allow you to hair versatility in your hair styles and can grow your hair out a lot. Understanding this is one of the reasons why I wanted to start having my hair cornrowed. I can’t wear weaves because I have eczema in my scalp. Due to this, I wash my hair about every ten days, so it would be almost pointless to have a weave for ten days. I also am scared that it would irritate my scalp and to me it’s just not worth it, so I’ll just admire weaves from a far. The only reason I’m bringing this up to to bring awareness about this issue.
    • In the black community weaves are very popular. Majority of weaves end up going well on your back, creating expectations for hair length that aren’t often reached. Of course it is possible for black women to grow out their hair down to their butt, but many don’t. So when it’s time to recreate these styles, it is easy to expect these styles on natural hair to match styles with added hair. I’m saying all this to say, that my hair is never going to look like those girls on pinterest. Because my hair isn’t way down my back (it is almost at my armpit) and that’s honestly a good length. I just wanted to spread awareness that it’s okay if your hair isn’t down to your butt, because for most people that’s not a reality. Weaves are great, but they shouldn’t be your expectation for your real hair. But great weaves should be your expectation for your own weave.

Just remember that growing your hair out is a journey. When hair is added to styles, it changes the way the look. Either with weave or without is completely your choice, just remember to love your hair the way it is!


eczema care 

I have eczema. I’ve had it for a pretty long time and as I’ve gotten older it’s become easier to deal with. My mother is very big into self-love and self-care, so I’ve always gone to a dermatologist. Even when I was younger if I had a flare up I would be in the dermatologist office. We’ve gone through two dermatologists and the one I have now is a keeper. I’ve had a series of bad flare ups on my scalp and my hand.

When my eczema on my scalp got bad it caused damage and hair loss. I ended up using a prescription shampoo every week for a good chunk of a year. I stopped and started again, which is when I really started going natural. As of now I use a couple shampoos for it (pictured below) and it keeps it pretty well-managed. I wash my hair pretty often though (about twice a week) and it keeps my scalp itch free. I made a promise to myself that once my scalp started itching I would work to become itch free. My hair is starting to grow back pretty quickly and I’m very proud!

I didn’t have eczema on my hand until December 2014. It started off as just dry skin and I tried to manage it. I did for a while but it came back July 2015. And that was horrible. It blistered and had cuts. Mind you this is on my hand so I was extremely self-conscious. I ended up going to the doctors (I couldn’t get into the dermatologist) and they gave me some cream and told me to use a thick lotion like Eucerin. It cleared up and I continued to use the Eucerin. I had a small flare up and ended up running out of creme earlier this year. I tried a new dermatologist who refilled my creme but told me to stay out of some much water and use the lotion. The lotion alone pretty much cleared up my skin. Even though I use the thickest lotion out of all of my friends, my eczema stays pretty clear. I also use the Aveeno eczema relief (my sister uses it more than I do) and the Banana Boat Aloe after sun lotion keeps my skin really moisturized all year round.

There are some known triggers to eczema: water and dairy. Decreasing the amount of dairy and exposure to water helps your skin. My old dermatologist told me to take 5 minute showers. Though my showers consistently are longer than 5 minutes, I have taken 5 minute showers. It can be done. If you think about it most of the time you’re just standing in the shower. If you stop standing there you can take a 5 minute shower.

My advice is find products that work for you. Many people don’t go to the dermatologist like they should, whether it’s for money or time reasons. But there are things you can do at home to help your eczema. The lotions I use I purchased at my local drug store. I know I got the Shea Moisture shampoo at Walgreens (their African Black Soap brand is specifically for people with eczema I usually use the deep cleansing one I just bought dandruff control on accident). I read online that the cleansing shampoo is sold out but you can request to be placed on the waiting list. Start taking care of your skin! You deserve to feel comfortable in your own skin.

tip #15

Your hair should always be smooth and laid down. Unless you’re rocking an Afro of course! But with ponytails, buns and other updos they last longer and look better neat. It’s easy to get a slicked up bun, or puff. Just spray your edges (front of your hair) and kitchen (back of your hair) with water, add conditioner to those areas and use some gel (my favorite is Ecostyler gel). To lay my baby hairs down I just use a brush in the direction I want them to lay. Then I wrap my hair to get an extremely slicked down bun. Some days it’s easier than others, but it’s worth it. Keep your hair neat! 

tip #4

Deep conditioning is great for your hair, but in moderation. I try to deep condition once a month, normally after washing (same day as the oil treatment). I have a personal hard top drier, so I condition, add coconut oil, put a shower cap on and sit under the drier for 10-15 minutes. I know it’s a little lengthy, but it makes my curls feel really soft. Since I have eczema in my scalp, the shampoo I have to use is really drying, so I try to deep condition after I use that-so it ends up being once or twice a month. Deep conditioning helps you keep your hair hydrated which is really important especially for this time of year!