june 1st

For June I decided hat I would do a self care tip everyday. I’m very big into self care which is a huge component of self love. The tip for today is sleep enough. Most people need 8 hours of sleep. You have to make sure that you’re managing your time so you can go to bed and energized in the morning. I also suggest an early morning meditation. Meditation relaxes you and really allows you to become one with yourself and the Earth. The goal is to be centered within love. All this starts with a good nights sleep. So treat yourself. Go to bed early or sleep in. You deserve rest and to be the best you can be! ❤️

Day 29

Cheers to leap day! For those of you that don’t know leap day is only once every four years because technically the Earth has a full rotation every 365 1/4 days, so every four years we add February 29th to keep the calendar moving! Today also marks the end of Black History month. That’s today’s topic. I am a firm supporter of Black History month and love learning about my history, I just wish the explortation (and the study of the exploitation) of African-American accomplishments was celebrated all year, instead of just the shortest month of year. But I digress. I love celebrating my history and I love all parts of myself (especially my racial identity). It’s part of self-love really. Celebrate yourself. Celebrate Black culture-without appropriating it of course, but that’s a topic for another day. Happy Black History Month everyone! 💋