I’m really into plans. I always have things planned. So my plan was to go to Michigan State University, which has the number one College of Education in the country. But after considering all of my scholarship options, it would be a better choice for me financially to go to University of Michigan. It’s a great school, where I’ll be in a immersive intense Spanish program and get all the schooling I need for the real world. My goal is to still be a teacher, but I think I’ll major in Education and Business, with a minor in Spanish. My tentative major now is English, mostly because I want to focus on English to allow me to be a better teacher to younger children (who need good English skills). I just use this as my example that life happens. And that it is better to go to a school that you’re getting more scholarship funds. GO BLUE!


As you all know, I’m currently a senior in high school. I don’t really talk about my educational goals and plans for myself on my blog. It’s really no specific reason why, but I would like to share them. I’m passionate about education and children. So because of this I have decided that I will continue my education at Michigan State University! 💚 I’m excited to go on this adventure and think that Michigan State is a great fit for me. Not only are they number one in the country for my major, I was invited into the honors college! 


Honor’s College

On Thursday the nineteenth, my mother and I went to Michigan State University’s Honor’s College Invitational. We both know that if I do end up at a public university, I want to go to an honor’s college, mostly because of the smaller class sizes (especially since my school currently is around 400 students grades 8-12). The experience was very positive and I was very pleased. The meeting was in the Mosaic Center inside of the Union. For those of you that don’t know a mosaic is a picture or pattern that comes from putting a variety of different types of hard materials together. It’s the perfect name for MSU’s Multi-cultural Center. I loved it. Not only was it inviting, but it was beautiful. It was composed of two large glass squares. Inside of the squares there were cubes that represented different societal issues, lot of them pertaining to race, gender, sexual-orientation, and sex. They had a question bin, where they invited you to talk about issues that are important to you that you want to talk about. After just completing a research report on how African-American women are depicted in media, that’s what I wanted to talk about. I think MSU did a great job on their multi-cultural center and that it represents the university making changes to be more accepting to everyone. Attached I have pictures of the center (it’s actually a panorama), the share your voice box and my favorite issue mentioned, pertaining to the #blacklivesmatter movement.