London (Bridge is falling down)


For my senior year Spring Break trip, my school went to London, England. Not only was this one of the best trips I’ve ever went on, it was extremely educational. This was all really thanks to our amazing tour guide Alex, and I promise you if they ask me to give him a review it will be the best review I’ve ever written. He was friendly, fun and very informative. I learned a lot of history and about the British culture. Though it’s like a totally different world across the pond, with their Queen and constant flow of people in London (with a population of over 8 million), it was amazing. So amazing, I’m thinking that I’m going to just have to move there. (Excuse me if I say amazing a lot- there are only so many positive adjectives I can use!) There is so much to do and I love it. We did tons of things during our week there, including trips to Buckingham Palace (The Queen’s weekday home), Stonehenge, Bath (where the Roman Baths are; setting for the Wife of Bath’s Tale in Canterbury Tales), Windsor Castle (the Queen’s weekend home), we went to the British National Museum and we even saw The Play That Goes Wrong. The Play That Goes Wrong was probably one of the funniest (if not the funniest) play I’ve ever seen. The acting was phenomenal. London is home to a lot of museums and being the art junkie I am, I loved it. They had so much art, even some that was featured in my AP Art History course. If I talked about all of the other fantastic things we did, I’d be literally talking for hours. So I’ll just mention the highlights. The London Eye was amazing. You can literally see all of London from inside of your pod. Though it was quite pricey (23 pounds), it was worth it. I got some amazing pictures (featured below). I also loved visiting Shakespeare’s childhood home and going to the Globe Theatre. We got to do this activity in groups were we acted out some of Romeo and Juliet. It was a lot of fun but it also taught me how I can go about studying Shakespeare (reading aloud is KEY). I really enjoyed my trip, loved my roommates and am even going to be featured on an upcoming British TV show!


 London Eye 

London Eye (with my love)

Roman Baths 

East Side Street Art 

Globe Theatre 


 London Eye View 

Van Gogh’s Sunflowes 

Shakespeare’s house 


One thing I have never understood is why people shut others out. If you have someone who is supportive, loves you, cares about you and your well being, and on top of that is extremely attractive, why throw that away? Why would you ever decide that you don’t need their help? Ladies and gentlemen, the reason behind this is pride. The person doesn’t want help, they don’t feel like they need anyone, they believe they “got this”. Having their lives together is an accomplishment, but there is nothing wrong with asking for help. My advice to you is to just leave the other person alone. It’s way harder than I’m making it sound but you need to just let them be. You need to understand that you are learning from this experience. You are learning that you cannot help everyone, it’s impossible. I had to teach my two year old cousin, London that lesson because London is like me. I love to help. London saw that there was a situation going on which she did not agree with. London ran up to me, and told me what happened (London is extremely intelligent). I responded to her, saying,  “London you can’t control people, you just have to let them do what they want.” Of course she looked at me with a surprised face, but she’s going to learn the lesson early: not everyone wants to be helped. One of my closest friends sent me the picture attached about ego, and I believe it perfectly fits what I am trying to say, though I would like to say that this issue applies to everyone. Pride is not a bad thing, everyone should be proud of who they are, what they do and what they have, but too much pride is toxic for any kind of relationship.