Lent Update

So on the first day of lent I swore off sugar and swearing. I’m a rule follower so I stuck to it for about two weeks. I only ate the bare minimum of sugar and even had a breakdown (caffeine withdrawals) Then I read something on Twitter and it was something on the order about someone passing away. I reflected on my life and realized I need to value myself. I took the time to realize my accomplishments, my happiness, and invested in what I wanted. I reevulated relationships and had discussions on what would make me happy. It put me on cloud nine to finally be happy with where I am. Though I’m no longer on cloud nine, I’m completely at peace with where I am. I’ve decided to take lent as a growing experience. I’ve learned to loosen up a bit. And that to me is priceless.


Day 10/Lent

Remember that everything happens for a reason. Even if you don’t know what the purpose or the lesson is, you will. No matter what. Today is Ash Wedneday, also known as the start of Lent. Though I’m not Catholic, I do participate in Lent because I feel it’s important (plus the motivation to better myself for my Savior leads to really good results). I’ve decided to give up swearing again this year and sweets (meaning anything with a lot of sugar). The first day is always a challenge but I will push through. Just like the flower does.  


I never talk about my faith on my blog (besides the fact that I have a fabulous bible verse in my About Me page), because I want my blogs to be more universal to those whose beliefs differ from mine. But I’m also trying to make my blogs more personal, because what I talk about means so much to me and I want to be able to express it. So here it goes. As you all know today is the official beginning of Lent. It’s a Catholic holiday, though I’m not Catholic (I was baptized Lutheran) I still like to participate. I view this as an opportunity to grow closer with the Lord, and better myself. This year I’m giving up two things: swearing and complaining. I feel by giving up swearing I will become a more effective communicator. I know that I have the ability to articulate my emotions better, so I will. As far as complaining goes, I know that I am extremely blessed and I thank the Lord for that. I know that by giving up complaining I’ll be able to trust in God’s process more, and that will bring me closer with God. It always helps to have someone to help you stay motivated and on track. As far as Lent goes, just stay strong. Trust in the process and know that you are doing something for the Lord . Take this as a new beginning to better yourself! Stay happy.