how i’m learning to love myself

Learning to love myself, and putting myself first, is a journey I have been on for a while. While I don’t know how to describe this journey, i want to give some tips i’ve done.


  • Take time to learn your likes- I’m really excited to get to know more of what I like and don’t like. I’m learning a lot of this from self reflection of my relationships with other people. There are various aspects of different relationships that i like a lot and would like to manifest in my life.
  • Try new things- i’ve recently decided to work on making my outside match my inside. that means dressing the way i want to dress. but also doing actions that reflect the love i want to give. This means being empathetic towards myself and others.
  • Being more open- this is something i’ve decided to start doing more. i want to be my authentic self. we often are afraid of the reactions of others with our thoughts. but i’m sure if if we speak from a place of love, our intention will always come through.