open to love

A lot of what I talk about on my blog is about self love. A huge part of self love is being open to love. I recently finished the Ebook Lost in Us by Layla Hagen. This book was free on iBooks and I really liked it. One of the main points in the book was to discuss how you have to release your past and be open to loving. Though people may love themselves, you have to be open to receiving love (and feeling that you deserve to be loved). One of the reasons I want to teach is to teach children that they deserve to be loved. Honestly everyone deserves to be loved. Sometimes people just forget that they too deserve love. You deserve an unconditional love, that you must be able to give yourself (first and foremost) and give to others. Recently, my sister and I realized that we love more unconditionally in comparison to others (how they love us back). Sometimes this happens because people don’t know how to love, or they just aren’t open to receiving unconditional love. This doesn’t mean that you’re supposed to stop loving other unconditionally. This just means that you need to chose wisely on who you are loving. Not everyone deserves your unconditional love. Your love is precious. You’re precious. So you deserve to be loved and love others. Just remember that you have to open your heart and enjoy life!