taking time for little things

hello everyone! i hope your new year is going well. i started back to school on the third and am finally getting in the full swing of being in school. for my political science class, i ordered the wrong reader and the wrong text book. honestly, i didn’t even notice i ordered the wrong text book until today. from this i’ve learned that i have to slow down a little and pay attention to details. often i just get so caught up in “making it happen” that i didn’t make sure it was quality or in this case the right version of the book. so make time you’re taking some time to smell the flowers. there is enough time to everything.

(my grandma made this for my mommy who gave it to me!)

hair journey

I got my hair done about two weeks ago, which the picture below is of right after. The second picture is from yesterday, which really is just to show the length. The most important thing to me is the health of my hair. I enjoy the length, but the health is my focus. I haven’t gotten a trim since January, so I will probably get another one in March when I get my hair done over spring break. I never have trimmed my hair on my own because I know that trimming is a delicate and intricate process that needs to be done by a professional. I believe that it’s always best to have someone who can see your hair trim it. Today, I’ll be washing my hair (which needs to be washed really bad), deep conditioning and protective styling (braids). I enjoy having my hair braided because of all the styles and that it helps my hair grow. I have been able to really grow my hair out. I plan on paying closer attention to my hair since the weather is changing (it seems like it’s trying to get warmer). Remember to treat your hair like a plant- water it, love it and care for it, to watch it flourish!