alone time

one of the things I love the most is my own space. I enjoy it just being me. Sometimes, especially if there are a lot of people, I will purposely not go do something simply just to have my own space. It’s not that I dislike being around other people, it’s because I’m learning to protect my energy. During the first kundalini class I went to with my mother, we did this exercise were we purposely discussed all of the things that were “going wrong” in our lives with God. One of the things I mentioned was “why can’t I make friends?”; majority of the friendships I’ve had have ended, and I only really have two friends, and I don’t always talk to one of them that often. And I got a response from God very quickly; He said “It’s because you need to protect your energy”. I am a ray of sunshine (these are words from others but I agree completely) and I am a healer. Because of this, I feel like people are drawn to my bubbly personality, my caring spirit and quirky ways. But I have to protect my energy. It’s currently been a period of adjustment learning to do that. I feel as if when I’m in a group who wants me to go along, I have to assert my independence. It’s stepping into my power and really taking control over my life and what I want to do. I feel that this is an important lesson for me. Because the work that I’m doing in this lifetime is extremely important so I’m learning to allow others opinions of me simply be their opinions. It’s a process. One thing I’ve been doing to help a lot is yoga and meditation. It’s really been helping. So as I sit in my room right now, alone I embrace this space. I wanted a single, but having to share a room is exercising this muscle of control over myself, my power and my energy. I completely get to choose who I do interact with and how much. So my answer to things has been no a lot lately and it’s liberating. I’m in the driver’s seat in my life. And I think I need this experience to love that role.


Independence is the ability to communicate freely. Say what’s on your mind and let everyone know how you feel. Freedom is being comfortable in your own skin and loving yourself. You have to love yourself, because you deserve it. You deserve to say what you want and feel how you feel. Expression is the best medicine to any sort of situation. I write when I get upset or happy or when I’m just at peace. Let out old emotions and start preparing for the new month, your new beginning. Each day really is a new day, and make the most of it. Start feeling comfortable and confident in your body and abilities. Before anyone can love you, you have to love you. Stay free.



Independence is really important. I feel like people can “lose” themselves in relationships, which does not have to be the case. You can be in any type of relationship and still stay true to yourself. You have to accept the other person and yourself. There is a balance between losing yourself and being involved in the relationship. You need to be cautious when you care though, allowing yourself to see the truth no matter what the situation. Allow the truth to flow through you freely, so that you will be able to know what is truly going on at all times. You have to stay true to yourself. Keep in mind that space is always good. You need to find yourself and love yourself before you can truly love anyone else. Allow yourself to feel, so you can make decisions based on feelings. Free yourself.