slowing down to feel all the feels

as a child i was very in touch with my emotions. as i grew older, i wanted to become more detached from them, but they would still always show up. just in ways that weren’t fun- like blowing up over “nothing”. i internalized a lot of emotions because they were big and i didn’t knowContinue reading “slowing down to feel all the feels”


Life is truly about expecting who and what you are and accepting others for what they are. Often I feel like we share who we are, in efforts to see if others will accept us. In reality, the journey of life is about getting to know yourself, growing and accepting your being. Understand that yourContinue reading “accepting”

i needed time

it’s been so long since i’ve posted. i think i just needed time. a lot has been going on emotionally and i’ve been going through a lot of changes. but it’s growth so it’s good. i’m learning to be happy within my space and where i am. i’m learning to trust God above all. i’mContinue reading “i needed time”