this weekend (and monday and tuesday) is fall break. though my original plan was to come home only for thanksgiving (and that was to be my first time home), I wasn’t aware of the fact that we had a break. and this is like a real break, like the cafe is closed. so i’m really happy that i went home and that i’m getting a chance to visit my family! my family came to visit me a few weeks ago, because my sister had a concert at the Michigan Theater. attached I have pictures from their visit. This past Friday was my sister’s boyfriend’s homecoming. I was glad that I got to be home to see her (and I have family pictures from that too). I’m going to homecoming this Saturday, so today I went shopping with my mom and sister. I was laughing in the dressing room with Monique about how every time I have an event we always all go shopping together. I love my family. And I’m really glad I have had the chance to go home! I also got to see my dad and I even got a new phone! I’m really enjoying my iPhone 7, but later I’ll do a review on how much I really like it. I’m taking this break to spend time with my family and rest. Make sure you cherish time with your family! 


Yesterday night I went to homecoming. I just wanted to touch upon some tips for homecoming.

1. Wear shoes that you can walk in. One of my friends said she saw a girl in wedges fall face first on her way into the gym. I wore heels but I brought flats because I knew I’d have to park far.

2. Be comfortable. If you hate dresses don’t wear one. Personally this year I went for something different this year. I love dresses but I wanted to wear pants (my picture is attached)

3. Go with your friends. Or if you have a date make sure you like them. Even though the music wasn’t good, I had fun with my friends.

4. Leave the drama at home. I saw too many couples fighting, and girls were also arguing. Just go to have fun.

5. Plan everything. I picked out my outfit weeks ago, but I forgot about my makeup. I ended up doing my own makeup. Which is fine because I think it turned out nice, but I was a little panicked.

6. Have plans afterwards. That’s my plan for next year.

I hope your homecoming experience is fab!