a prayer

Dear Lord, I ask as this new season arises for love and healing. To allow the past to release itself, and place me in this present moment. Allow me to be where my feet are. I ask that you heal my heart all of aches and pains, so that I may be able to love unconditionally, first to myself then to others.

Dear Lord, I ask for quality companionship. I ask that I be able to discern the relationships I currently hold and that you reveal the truth to me. So that I may continue to learn. Lord allow me to only hold relationships that are in my greatest and highest good. If I need to alter relationships, please allow me to see so in as gentle of a manner as possible. I ask that as I continue to grow for companionships that satisfy me, where I feel loved, supported and at peace. Remove all drama and pettiness, and replace it with light and love.

Lord, I ask you to hold me close and heal me of all pain. Especially in my stomach. I ask for healthy digestion and for my body to be balanced and whole. I ask that all of what I consume, whether it’s food, words, or interactions be for my greatest and highest good. Purify my food and interactions so that I may grow closer to you.

Lord, open my heart to your love and allow my spirit to be filled with you.

In Jesus name I pray for all of this and whatever you Lord deem in my greatest and highest good, Amen.

growing into myself

i’ve been spending time listening instead of just responding. learning to feel my emotions while critically analyzing them. but not to judge them, but to figure out why they’re happening and how to make myself feel better. growing has involved a lot of questioning but also compassion. i no longer feel a need to be upset with myself after being upset, but thank myself for getting it out and realizing how to manage things better. i’ve been reading about love and how you learn to love yourself by loving others. so i’ve looked at how patient i am with others and decided i deserve that same patience. i always take into consideration that others learning and growing, so that’s how i should view myself that way. how do i deserve to treat myself?

i was heartbroken and ended up closing off my heart. i couldn’t deal with the pain, so i distanced myself. but i am working to use love as a force to heal. to love myself unconditionally. and to use love as a force to change my lives and those of others.

my journey has not been about me loving others, but about me learning to love myself and teaching others how to love me and themselves. i have been assigned to this mountain to show others it can be moved.

and i’m here to say thank you to my mountain for challenging me and thank you to God for keeping me.

and to my current mountain, may you bring me more peace and love. teach me everything i need. please be gentle with me, because I’m healing but I’m ready for what you have in store.

and to my next mountain, I’m prepping for you. I’ll be ready for all your blessings.

letting it all go

If you look at just about any of my blogs, one of the reoccurring themes is always letting go. For years, I’ve started to understand the importance of letting go and trusting that where I am is exactly where I’m supposed to be. Some things are easier to let go of than others. I’m learning that when you let things go, you often have a re-do. You can either try again or completely let it go. My advice would be to follow your heart. In your heart you know exactly what you need to do. So follow your heart. Letting go completely is a process, which varies in time. Be patient with yourself. Understand that releasing completely is important. You got this. You just have to understand that you need to let it go all of the way to actually get over it. Getting over things is a process. You go through stages where at times you’re more “over it” than others. I feel that way too. To be honest, sometimes I’m not all the way over the fact that all of my relationships have changed. Sometimes I’m not over the fact that I don’t have any close friends. Most of the time I am, but sometimes it’s like I realize my whole world is different. The most important thing is understanding that different is good. You’re constantly growing and changing, so everything must change as well. When you think of it in other terms it makes it easier. A three month old doesn’t act the same as a six month old, who doesn’t act the same as a nine month old. So why would you act the same you did three months ago? Remember that changing is good. To cope with letting go, I’ve turned to yoga. Yoga heals everything to be honest. With a combination of yoga and reiki  I’ve been working to let everything go!

we need to raise a generation of winners

after working with numerous groups of children i have noticed a pattern- we are failing our children. they do not have the tools to be able to cope with life. the kids i’ve worked with do not how to lose. we give kids awards for everything, and granted their work should be praised. but we need to teach them that it’s okay to lose, and that losing is a part of being a winner. you have to lose to figure out how to win in the future. you have to learn to be a team sport, so that if things don’t work out, you still can play in the future. and i’m not talking about just games- i’m talking about jobs, spots for college, and everything in general. you have to be able to keep pushing. and we have to raise our children that they are winners at heart. losing once doesn’t make you a loser, it just means you lost. so next time you see a kid crying because they lost, let them know that it’s okay and they just have to work differently next time!