cause and effect. “what goes around, comes around”. karma is the basic principle that every action has a reaction. especially when i was younger, i found a lot of peace knowing that the universe, would handle things for me. i still do.

in yoga this week, the instructor was taking about being open. and how with karma, it’s based on your actions. being kind to yourself. take care of you. this is the best way that you can help heal yourself and the universe.

when i think about karma and what i’m doing to envoke good karma, it’s complex. how do i invoke good karma without causing harm to others?

i look at it this way- if it’s personal or universal. if it’s personal- does it leave me feeling better? if so, then yes. if not, then i will make necessary changes and be grateful for the lesson. if it’s universal- are others benefiting? who is benefiting? was that my intention?

every single thing comes back to intention.

karma is based in everything that i do. from taking a break when i need to, to writing, to reading, to silence.

so while the work of anti-racism and advocating may be tiring, know that you are engaging in good work.

you are promoting good karma for yourself and the universe, just like our ancestors did before us.

just a little joy from my favorite, morgan harper nichols

hair care regime changes

as the weather begins to get colder it’s time for an updated hair care regime! My roommate is still braiding my hair which has lead to a lot of growth in my hair (the picture of my hair pressed and curled is from the beginning of October, when I went home for fall break). I just wanted to share some tips for winterizing your hair routine!

  1. Deep condition weekly- Deep conditioning will help keep your hair moisturized, which is really important as the weather changes. I’ve read up on the benefits of warming up your deep conditioner prior to deep conditioning for added softness but I haven’t tried it. I have started to use Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Mask by Shea Moisture and I love it. I originally started using it because my roommate does and I’m glad I did! I still deep condition with my regular conditioners and add coconut oil, prior to putting on a plastic shower cap and sitting under my drier for about 25 minutes (twenty medium heat, 5 cool) 
  2. Eliminate coconut oil- My friends and I have a joke about how coconut oil is God’s second best creation (after Black women). I use coconut oil as a part of my everyday routine and I love it. Recently I’ve read a variety of reports that say that coconut oil (since it freezes at cold temperatures) will make your hair dull. In substitute for coconut oil my plan is to use olive oil, which is one of my favorites. I also use shea butter. 
  3. Protective style. I cannot stress this enough! Not only will it help your hair grow but it’s super cute! Braids  also keep your hair moisturized, which is why I’m able to go about five days without co-washing. It’s important to make sure you’re still hydrating your hair. I do the LOC method about every night. 

stay fabulous! and may all your days be great hair days!



READ THIS AFTER LOOKING AT THE PICTURE. In June, I did this piece for my last art project. I created it to show the minimal differences between a “normal” woman and a Muslim woman. They are the same woman. “Think” at the bottom is meant to challenge the viewer to realize that there are really no differences in us as people. I was inspired by MTV’s Look Different movement. I feel like this is an appropriate time to post this, due to all of the Islamophobia going on after the ISIS attacks on Paris. Do not get me wrong, I do think it’s very sad this happened, but it is wrong to blame all Muslims. My interactions with Muslims has been limited just due to the community I live in, but one of my closest friends my freshman year is a Muslim. She taught me a lot about their values and what she believes in. It’s very similar to what I believe in. Now I’m not saying what she believes in goes for all Muslims, because in case you didn’t know there are two different types of Muslims, but what I’m saying is Muslims are good people. Think differently. Just because someone is different than you doesn’t mean they are bad.