So it has recently come up that I have not released some things as completely as I needed to. This is a natural process- sometimes you’re just not as “over” things as you try to make yourself believe. I believe it is a coping mechanism- we think we are over something because we don’t want to feel our emotions. Well the process of not letting this emotions negatively affects your health. For me, when this happens my eczema flares up on my hands. I first started getting eczema on my hands in 11th grade, and it’s really been a battle. Recently, my hands were almost clear. So the flare up was noticeable and honestly- heartbreaking. I thought I was past this. But apparently I’m not. I have come to understand that when you still talk about things on a normal basis and still feel those same emotions- that means your not over it. I think I try to convince myself that I am to allow that to become my reality. My reality is I’m healing. I was hurt, and I’m healing. Healing is a process and it takes time. So as I’m in this healing process, I’m going to just let go and all the Universe to have complete control. I know that I will heal, and I know that you will too. The first step is just releasing. Good luck.

1 year down

My hair growth journey has been interesting. Unlike a lot of people, I don’t have a cool story about why I went natural. I went natural because I didn’t have an option. I was 15, my hair was falling out, I was constantly in and out of the dermatologist trying to help my ezcema. See as a baby I had cradle cap, which apparently comes back as hormonesnchange. I also had eczema in my scalp, which lead to extreme itchy, which is why my hair was falling out. I almost even had a bald spot from scratching my hair. My dermatologist told me I had to start washing my hair every week (at this point I was getting my hair done every two weeks), so that my hair would continue growing. I was on a peak of my journey, my hair was growing, but my scalp was still itchy. I was put on an antihistamine and given shots in my scalp. Eventually the itching stopped. But I still had to wash my hair every week so I continued being natural on my off weeks. I loved it. After a while I didn’t even want to get my hair done anymore. That eventually turned into my hair journey. I’ve technically been natural all my life (no perm, no heat damage, etc) but wearing my hair curly was different. I learned as much as I could on black hair, and applied it. Having this blog helped, it made me accountable- I wanted to help people so I stayed up to date on hair techniques. My hair has grown tremendously in a year. Here’s a picture of my hair May 13th, 2016.

(me and my best friend on her prom day)

then this was May 10th, 2017

It took a lot of work, time, money and efforts to get my hair to the state it’s at now. I hope this blog post lets you know that you can do it. No matter your hair type, financial situation, you can do this. good luck!

updated hair care routineĀ 

I haven’t updated my hair care routine in a really long time! So I’ll go through what a normal week is for me using this week and last week as a model. I washed and conditioned my hair on Thursday after I went to a pool party (which was loads of fun). Every night since them my mother has been braiding my hair, just in plait braids. It’s a really protective night style. Last week, I got my wisdom teeth out (which I’ll go into in another post).  Monday I French braided my hair so  I wouldn’t have to worry about it. With that being said I was ready for a style change. When I don’t really know what I want to do with my hair I’ll just ask my mom to braid it, so that in the morning I can pretty much do whatever I want to it. But back to my hair care routine. I’ve been trying out some new products (which I’ll review) and not washing my hair so much. I’ve learned that if I’m using really good products my hair doesn’t have to be soaking wet to retain moisture. What I have below are some guides I’ve been using for my hair (I found them on Pinterest). So I’ve stopped washing so much and just been dry styling (I still use water of course!) Learning that I don’t have to condition my hair daily (which I used to do) has allowed me to have a lot more time. I had to stop because of the eczema I have on my hand (all of the water was starting to cause flare-ups). I honestly couldn’t be happier. My hair is growing and staying healthy while on my hand there is little to no signs to ezcema! It’s a win win situation!