taking breaks to reset

hi y’all. i haven’t blogged in forever. overall i would say i’m doing alright. my grad school program is on a gap smester so i’ve been job hunting like crazy to try to find something. i told my mom i feel like i’m thoriwng paint at a wall and waiting to see what sticks. and that eventually something will stick soon.

i have been journaling a LOT. i have one i started last july and it’s well over seventy pages now. i just write when i feel like it. it’s really become my way to think and process things. this is something i definetely still do with other people about actionable items (lol) but not for emotions. i’ve really been “slowing down to feel all the feels”.

i still go for walks and can’t wait for it to get warm again. i’m prayerful that i’ll be able to get the vaccine soon. i’m in group 1C cause of my asthma but this process has been so slow.

i also wanted to show a little something i’ve been working on- a virtual yoga studio!

you can check out my IG for updates. basically i’m currently going to offer three classes a week (two yin and the one breathwork and meditation). i’ll also be available for privates.

if you’re interested in booking, head over to this link which is my ribbon page. i will offer on demand classes as well, in my library on ribbon too. my ring light should be here tomorrow so then i’ll get to recording content!

thanks so much for your support in advance. namaste!

control your anger

traditionally, people are taught to suppress their emotions- specifically sadness and anger. this has a lot to due with the fact that the reactions to these emotions are not always positive. while I do believe that there are better ways to handle these emotions, it is important to address and express them. the emotion I want to talk about today is anger.

  • What is it

Anger is a natural emotion, that occurs normally after something happens that you’re not fond of. This could be a mean statement or just something you didn’t necessarily want to hear. It’s a natural emotion, but it’s not always expressed in the best ways.

  • How to identify it

When things make you angry, it’s easy to feel it physically. A common sign is getting hot or tonsil pain. When you start to feel physically different it is time to step back, take a breath and breathe.

  • How to deal with it

the best way to deal with anger is to think logically. recently what I’ve tried is to think about how I feel and communicate it in the best way possible. to do this, i’ve started writing out and then expressing it after I’ve had a moment to think about it. I feel like my communication has become better.