Life is truly about expecting who and what you are and accepting others for what they are. Often I feel like we share who we are, in efforts to see if others will accept us. In reality, the journey of life is about getting to know yourself, growing and accepting your being. Understand that your presence is essential, or else you would not be here right now in this moment. I was told recently that you are you own biggest supporter, yet you are your biggest doubter. And the biggest battle, is within yourself. This is a life long journey- loving yourself and takes consistent effort. What I’ve decided to start with is the little things. Start by rewarding yourself by taking me time. Do things that bring you joy. I painted yesterday for the first time in a while, and I’m blogging again. You’re worth celebrating, on your good and bad days.

Remember you were created this way. Embrace it.

Day 13

 Your happiness is honestly the most important thing. You have to work to be the best version of yourself and love yourself along the way too. I think the best way to achieve happiness is through meditation and being at peace with yourself and in life. Remember that you have to let happiness find you, or else you could be searching in all the wrong places. Stay positive.