maximize opportunities

our world has changed.

so what do we do know?

at first it can seem overwhelming to be at home, have more time to ponder and be unsure of what is going on in the world. here are some tips that i’ve used to create a smooth transition to this new life.

• clean your space- i started staying at home last Thursday and have thus far left the house twice (three times if you include that i got things from the store, brought them home and then went back out to the store). the first thing i did was clean. i disinfected and washed everything. it made me feel better and left my home a lot cleaner. everyday i have time scheduled in to clean so it’s not overwhelming. yesterday i cleaned the kitchen. today i cleaned my closets. tomorrow i’ll organize the kitchen and my desk. a little cleaning each day has made me feel so much better
• create a routine- these last few days i have strictly done no work and just taken time for myself. now that i’m ready to start working, i need a plan. i used the time block method so i have a calendar stating what i will do at what time. i know i thrive on schedules and want to maximize my time.
• do what makes me happy- yoga, eating good food, meditation, doing my hair and interactions with my loved ones make me happy. so i have carved out time for my favorite things within my schedule. a yoga studio i was thinking about doing YTT (yoga teacher training) at is currently offering free classes via YouTube. I did one today, as well as my own personal practice and it felt so good!
• invest in a passion- i’ve decided that i’m going to publish my poetry book i started last year during this time. i also have been wanting to rebrand myself (connecting my blog more to IG and possibly expanding into YouTube). so i’ll be working on content creation!
• healthy habits- “I’m only going to eat 1 cookie today.” and then you actually only eat one cookie. take this time to create healthy habits- working out, drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day, or even doing yoga. these are things people say they want to do, but claim they don’t have time. i get it- i never work out either. but i’ve decided i have no reason to not work out and will be doing so. struggling with your natural hair? take this time to learn it! check out my blog post ( for my hair care regimen!
• creating firm boundaries- mostly with yourself and others. the consumption of fake news is at an all time high. choosing to not engage may be for the best. other boundaries can be harder but more worthwhile- choosing to eat 1 cookie instead of 3 is a good example.
• get some sleep- last but not least! get some sleep! taking care of your body is so so important! this is a time to rest and recharge! take advantage of it!


i’m laying down, its 6 am and i’m in my apartment in atlanta. that’s crazy for me to even say. i moved. across the country. my biggest accomplishment of the decade was graduating early with a 3.6. my biggest change was moving to go to graduate school. these things happened within the same month. within a month, my whole world has literally changed. while my heart aches, for fear of the new, it also smiles. this is my chance to start over. to be me from the beginning. i’m nervous while excited. sad but happy. the complexity of these emotions is interesting. it’s all new. all of it. so i am writing to tell God and my angels thank you for your support in 2019 and all the years prior. i devote this year to serving You and fulfilling my purpose.

book review- Equity 101: the framework by Curtis Linton

I am writing this book review after reading the first three chapters, which I feel has given me enough information to thoroughly understand Linton’s message. I believe that this book is helpful- it defines what equity truly means and serves as a resource to understand and be conscious of privilege. This is a good book to start off reading, especially for the typical educator, whom is white, suburban and has little to no experience interacting with anyone who is not white. There is one major problem of this book- Linton is constantly arguing that black students can achieve. This is problematic. As a high achieving black college student, I know that black students can achieve. But why do people think otherwise? I recently listened to Malcom Gladwell’s Revisionist History: Miss Buchanan’s Period of Adjustment and one of the thing Gladwell talks about is this idea that black students cannot achieve. Glad well argues that the decision of Brown vs the Board of Education was that segregated school were wrong because they left black schools (and indirectly the students that attended them) were inferior. The court went on to say that educating black students separately caused retard the educational and mental develop of black students. This ruling was not what the families wanted- they simply wanted the ability to send their children to whatever school they wanted. But this principle is based off of a popular ideology. This ideology comes from slavery and the idea that blacks were inferior therefore selling them was acceptable. In my opinion, this is why Linton arguing that black students can achieve is problematic. But I do believe that this book is a good introduction to the issue. I just think that Gladwell did a better job explaining the issue. Black students are just as capable as white students. The lack of: opportunities, teachers who think the students are capable of achieving and resources leaves black students behind. But what I liked was that Gladwell mentioned a solution to the problem indirectly- black teachers. After schools were integrated almost half of the black teacher population was fired, which left black students at a disadvantage. As a graduate of a black school system I can confidently say the experience shaped me as a whole, made me proud of who I am and nurtured my mind and soul. I had strong black women as role models, in my family and in my schools. This shaped me. Gladwell discusses how having one black teacher between third and fifth grade decreases the drop out rate for black males by 39%. Black teachers are important and positively affect black children. So after listening to this podcast and reading some of Linton’s book I can confidently say that: 1. I am so proud to be a black teacher 2. white teachers need to work diligently to educate themselves on issues they are not aware of. Teachers need to love what they do and be willing to really help their students. But the first thing is removing the biases and searching for them (often they are subconscious biases). My message to white teachers is to please educate yourselves- we need you to understand yourself, our community and be open. What you were taught about us is only part of the picture and if you open your mind and heart, you will be able to see the whole picture. 

Inspiration and Education

So as you may or may not know, I’ve decided to go into education. I want to change the education system into a system that allows all students to receive a high quality free education, no matter their socioeconomic status. I feel that’s important. So I’ve decided to devote my life to changing the world. My sister told me about the picture below and honestly I was inspired. I realized why I want to teach. Children are so brave and can learn so easily. They take risks and try things and make things work, even if they seem impossible. That’s what I want to be. I want to be brave and try new things and figure out ways to fix things. I want to be fearless. So I will be an educator to inspire the children that inspire me, and change the world one child at a time. 



As you all know, I’m currently a senior in high school. I don’t really talk about my educational goals and plans for myself on my blog. It’s really no specific reason why, but I would like to share them. I’m passionate about education and children. So because of this I have decided that I will continue my education at Michigan State University! 💚 I’m excited to go on this adventure and think that Michigan State is a great fit for me. Not only are they number one in the country for my major, I was invited into the honors college!