black lives matter (shaun king)

Yesterday I had the privilege to listen to Shaun King speak. For those of you that aren’t in the know, Shaun is one of the prominent voices in the Black Lives Matter movement and an activist. We (Katie and I) both enjoyed his presentation. Attached I have some videos, but I just really wanted to talk about some important things he discussed.

  • People confuse the steady progression of technology with the steady improvement of humanity

Shaun explained that throughout history, humanity has had it’s ups and downs. Many people believe that humanity is improving, but that is not necessarily true. There have been events throughout history (such as slavery and the Holocaust) that show that humanity progresses then it digresses and it’s a cycle.

  • We are living in a pivotal historical moment

In 2016, one hundred and two unarmed black men, women and children were killed. The last time that this many unarmed black people were killed was in 1902, during Reconstruction (during this period the KKK was formed and lynchings were very popular).

  • After the introduction of innovation, there is a dip

In 2008, history was made. Senator Barack. H Obama become the 44th (and 1st African-American) President. As a result, there has been backlashing (resulting in the election of Donald Trump). This has happened throughout history. Shaun gave another example of this happening- after the Civil Rights Movement, mass incarceration was created, resulting in the unnecessary arrests and prolonged jail sentencing for black males.


All in all, Shaun was everything I expected and more. He’s intelligent and an excellent speaker. I hope you enjoy the following videos and share these concepts with your friends. And remember- change is gonna come.



yes I know I’m a Millennial… yes I’ve always supported Hillary Clinton

Everyone on Twitter supported Bernie. During the primaries, it was always something on my timeline about how Bernie was going to be such a great President. He had won the hearts of tons of millennials, but not mine. As a feminist, I was always excited about the idea of having a female President, in fact I honestly thought she would win the election is 2008. So what made me support her? Even when social media was telling me to #feelthebern?

  1. Her experience. Hillary has been involved in government for a really long time. I feel like the fact that her husband has been President, has given her an up close look to what it takes to do that job. Though I don’t really know what all going into running the country, I do know that you need political experience to do so. Hillary has also been secretary of state. Though there is a lot of scandal behind that, I believe that she did her best. I also think her character shows in even taking that position, after not winning the presidential election. It just shows that she really wanted to help the people and was still going to. I think Hillary will be able to deal with relationships with other countries because she knows what it takes. Her vice presidential candidate is fluent in Spanish, which would be an asset to obtain great relationships with Spanish speaking countries. She will be able to help the people, which is one of the reasons I support her.
  2. Her passion for equality. Hillary worked in Arkansas to gain equality for women and children, while Bill was governor. Rights for women and children are really important to me. As a woman, I feel like voting for someone who understands what it is like to be a woman. As a future educator, I know that there needs to be education reforms. Hillary has experience working with the educational systems in Arkansas. Because of this, it will be easier to transition to educational reforms on the national level. We need a president who is respectful and passionate about the important things. The fact that she is passionate about what I’m passionate about, made her the presidential candidate for me.

Bernie definitely had some positions I did support. The idea of free tuition for college is  a great idea. I just don’t think that is realistic. I also think that Hillary’s personality is a lot stronger, so she would be able to actually get that done. She has had to deal with people criticizing her for a very long time, and even Donald Trump who constantly is being a hater. If anyone can beat him, it is her. Her campaign is so positive while his is so negative. His is full of hate and honestly I can’t support someone who is like that. I also didn’t appreciate his comment for the African-American community. He basically said you guys are in a bad position now, take a chance with me. What he doesn’t realize, is that we know what he means by make America great again (for the wealthy white men). He, along with this ignorant racist supporters, don’t want anyone that isn’t white to be successful. That type of thinking has to change. And Hillary doesn’t think like that. I also liked how she had some of the mothers who’s sons were killed due to police brutality speak at the Democratic National Convention. I think she will be a great President and continue the progress that President Obama has done. The continuation of the progress with allow our country to become greater than it already is.