So after working for about a month to get my nails back to health post acrylics, they are finally showing progress. My nails are getting stronger and the chipping is slowing down. They are currently really short right now, but that is because they are always breaking. So I have decided to keep them shorter and rounded (it helps so they don’t snag on things). They are growing back pretty nice like I said, but it is still kind of sad that I had so much damage. I’m doing a lot to my nails, using a lot of strengthener nail polish and keeping my hands (and nails) well oiled. Oil is really good for your nails too! Just remember that acrylics may look nice but the damage is not worth it!

Hair Update and More Tips

It’s been growing pretty good, and it should all be at the same length soon! Which excites me because bangs can take a while to grow out. As far as hair care I really just try to wrap my hair or roll it at night (or Bantu knot it if I’m natural). For the record straight hair normally lasts me about 9 or so days, without getting super oily (with my hair texture I only need to wash it once every two weeks). I really think the taking of vitamins (specifically the newest one I added, Vitamin B complex) has helped due to the biotin in them. I really think that the number one rule for hair care is to do something to your every night. It’s the most important thing. If you baby your ends they will remain whole, so you won’t have to get trims as often (last trim I had was in November). My hair seems to be getting thicker as time goes on, and is growing pretty nicely. If you have an questions about my hair growth journey feel free to ask! Remember to love your hair! It’s a part of you too