i’ve been on this journey of self-love for years now. i made this blog back in 2014 and if you look back at old posts you’ll see me raving about what it means to love someone or even yourself.

the way i define love now is the commitment to the bettering of oneself or another. so when i think of self-love, i think of what i actually do to better myself. that includes a lot of things, like sleeping, buy nutrious food to eat, cooking for myself, doing yoga, etc. my self love practices answer the question- what am i doing to help me?

so what am i doing to help me? lots of meditation and yoga. lots of meditating in yoga. lots of yoga in my meditations. i’m at the point where i’m doing yoga and meditating twice a day. i probably spend at least 2 hours daily for both. and honestly, it’s been amazing.

i feel more like me. more like me than i’ve ever felt. when i work during the day (i’m in graduate school full time), i am more reflective. i am more thoughtful. i put in more energy to my work and it’s a better quality.

i show up for myself everyday. i can count on my hands how many times in this last month i have not done yoga.

loving yourself doesn’t be have to be anything fancy. it’s just setting an intention. when setting your intention here are somethings to think about:

  • what makes me happy?
  • when do i feel most alive?
  • what’s one thing i can do today to make the day great?
  • how is my mindset reflective of what i want?
  • is there anything i can do to make the best out of the situation i am in?

by taking the time out to answer these questions and ones similar to it, you’ll start learning to identify what makes you happy and how you can incorporate that into your life. to often people turn to friends and others to make them happy. true happiness comes from within! cultivating your own happiness is your responsibility. start small. you’ll see big changes.

día 22

Honestly, I don’t really know what has happened since day 19. But I’ll post three things for every day that I’ve missed. Doing this challenge has really allowed me to think about myself, my feeling sand really reflect on what I’ve learned everyday. Even when I have to catch up, I go back to the day and think about what I learned. There are lessons in everything and the sooner we learn them, the more prepared we are for the test.

  1. Go with the flow. Understand that everything is in divine order. Take some time to take care of you and relax. Get some rest. It’s so important to make sure you’re sleeping enough. I know over this break I’ve been sleeping a lot which has been so nice. My body has really needed it. Plus eating good homemade food and drinking lots of water has left me feeling like a new woman.
  2. Meditation and yoga is so important. I’ve really been slacking on both honestly. It’s harder because my yoga membership at home expired after the summer (I just did month to month) and then I did the semester pass at school. I’ve learned that I really have to focus on doing yoga. So for this whole week I’ve been doing a couple flows of yoga and I’ve really felt a difference. I want to get back into focusing on meditating and doing yoga everyday, because it helps keep me grounded. I think doing so will help me release all I need to as I’m approaching my new year.
  3. I received a grade that was lower than I deserved because of the relationship I had with the teacher. Though I was upset (it dropped my gpa down when it was my goal to increase my gpa), I realized that not everyone is fair. And that when I interact with others I want to be fair. Especially as a teacher. I want to make sure that I evaluate my students accurately, not based on any biases I have whatsoever.