i’m proud of myself 

pride is an emotion I don’t feel very often. Many other people, especially my family, are proud of me, but I rarely feel proud of myself. for my whole life i’ve pushed myself to be the best I can be. I strived for the highest GPA, to be talented in *insert latest passion*, and to be a better person. About a year ago, I started practicing yoga faithfully. I went to my first yoga class in middle school- it was a kids class at the studio my mother works at. The class was super small- my sister and I and two other girls (who I believe were also sisters). The class never got renewed, but I loved going. I always wanted to go with my mother but I was too young to attend the adults class. Last year, my mom bought me yoga passes for the studio she works at. I was going through a rough time in my life- one of the most important relationships in my life seemed to be crumpling apart (update- we were able to grow and mature and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been). So I turned to yoga. I got into crystals, deeper into meditation and focused on myself. I started off pretty inflexible. Now I can easily hold poses like pigeon for two minutes, I can stay up for airplane and my child’s pose is deeper than ever. Whenever I do yoga, I have the same intention- to be the best yogi I can be. I live for the hard classes, where I’m unsure if I can keep going, cause when I do, I feel like I’m on top of the world. Everything I do is a reflection of how much I’ve grown. It makes me so happy. I feel like I can do anything I set my mind to. Yoga has helped me learn to love myself, just a little bit more. Right now, I’m going to yoga multiple times a week at Yoga Shelter (which is not the studio my mom works at but I love it). I’m trying to bring my loves to class with me, so wish me luck!!

positivity for my dorm! (and life) 

so as you know for part of this past week I was on fall break, so I went home. One of the days that I was home I went to the Boston Tea Room (in Ferndale). I went there before to get my crystals (the link to that blog is https://lovemayah.com/2016/07/21/crystals/). Which I love and still use. I went back to get some stones for grounding. I ended up getting three: obsidian, apache tears and goldstone. black stones are used to clear negative energies with brown stones ground you. I also got a capricorn necklace. I am a capricorn, but i got this necklace because it came to me (like i all of a sudden found it and it was the only one of its kind in the section of the store I was in). So I decided it must have been fate. I got a dream catcher, because that also works to clear out negativity (in this case negative dreams). I got yellow because my theme for my dorm is yellow, gray and white. I’m really happy I got these things and just wanted to share that you have to buy things that matter to you! You matter! Value yourself and take time for you. Yesterday I literally did almost nothing (until black homecoming which i’ll blog about later), and I enjoyed it. You have to take time and value you. You matter. Make sure that you’re taking care of yourself because you need to be the most important person to you!


Yesterday I went to one of my new favorite stores. I wanted to get a light pink healing stone. Though I wasn’t really aware of what the Rose Quartz stone means, I got a necklace and two bracelets. The necklace is made of clear quartz, rose quartz and amethyst. My first bracelet is purely rose quartz and my second bracelet is made of leather with a pendant.

  • Necklace

I got this necklace for a couple reasons. The store had a large selection of necklaces, but I wanted one that would really help me heal. So I picked the one for Unconditional Love. The rose quartz is for unconditional love, so that I’ll grow into only to love myself unconditionally but others. This stone focuses on helping the 4th and 6th chakras. When I walked in the store I really wanted a light pink stone but I’ll go into it more when I discuss the bracelet. The clear quartz is used for meditations and soul cleansing. This stone focuses on helping all of the chakras. The amethyst really is a healing stone. It also is used for balancing. I feel like this necklace will be very healing and I’m very excited.

  • Rose Quartz bracelet

Rose Quartz happens to be light pink (which is my favorite color). It is known to be a nurturing crystal. Like I mentioned earlier this stone is used to heal the 4th chakra, which is the heart chakra. It also balances the ying-yang energy.

  • Leather bracelet

This bracelet is made for everyday use. The company is called madecommunity and is fantastic. It’s owned by two women, one of whom is a reiki practitioner I believe (just like my mom). The proceeds go to help to provide fresh food. I love this bracelet because it’s beautiful.