When I tell you, I’m so excited to be making this post, I think excited is an understatement. Last school year, I really struggled with anxiety. I was super anxious, and really my mental health was not the best. At the beginning of 2018, I was not doing that great. I remember debating about going to therapy with one of my friends and I got to the point where I was like that’s really not for em. But after addressing how much I was crying (I would say like three+ times a week) and how I felt overall, I decided I needed to do something. So since therapy just wasn’t for me, I turned to yoga and meditation. I was determined to get closer to myself and to God.

I’ll say this, I’ve been doing yoga and meditating on a regular basis for years now. But what I did was incorporate it into my daily activities. Before I feel it was more of an “i’m already stress i need to release it”, to more of a preventive measure. Like I go to yoga and meditate to continue being in my space and as a process of releasing.

It was life changing, therefore it was uncomfortable. I have changed the way I viewed relationships, love and life in general. I think all of these changes have been positive. I realized how far I’ve come this summer, when I was working at a summer camp. I was discussing with one of my coworkers about anxiety and I thought- “I haven’t had an anxiety attack in months.” I was nervous to go back to school because my mental health and emotional well being were doing so much better, but I realized that I would just have to implement what I learned into my life at college.

This journey has been full of lessons, but the most important one I’ve learned is I have to put myself first. My second favorite lesson was that I need to be where my feet are. Within the last two days, I’ve had a couple of small anxiety attacks (which were not nearly as bad as they used to be). I decided I needed to go to bed earlier, do some yoga and eat a yummy dinner. I almost instantly felt better. I was so proud of myself and I truly feel I’m learning how to take care of myself.

It’s important to take care of yourself, constantly. Doing so will change your life. Trust me, I’ve done it. 

we need to raise a generation of winners

after working with numerous groups of children i have noticed a pattern- we are failing our children. they do not have the tools to be able to cope with life. the kids i’ve worked with do not how to lose. we give kids awards for everything, and granted their work should be praised. but we need to teach them that it’s okay to lose, and that losing is a part of being a winner. you have to lose to figure out how to win in the future. you have to learn to be a team sport, so that if things don’t work out, you still can play in the future. and i’m not talking about just games- i’m talking about jobs, spots for college, and everything in general. you have to be able to keep pushing. and we have to raise our children that they are winners at heart. losing once doesn’t make you a loser, it just means you lost. so next time you see a kid crying because they lost, let them know that it’s okay and they just have to work differently next time!