yoga and teaching

in almost every teaching environment i’ve been in, i’ve always had my students do yoga. i work with elementary schoolers. so why have them do yoga?

well first, it’s a way for me to connect with my students. after any length of time and discussion, they know i love yoga and go often. by sharing some of who i am as mayah, instead of as their teacher, i can connect with them a little more.

second, it’s good for them. yoga has empowered me. it’s helped me feel safe. it’s helped me heal. i want to pass those skills onto my students. deep breathing (pranayama) and movement (asanas) are beneficial to everyone, espeically children. imagine what the world would be like if we all learned to take a minute and breathe? i’ve found it to be helpful when the kids are restless or just need a mental break. it’s not a coincidence i find yoga to be the most helpful for me then. it’s the magic of yoga!

third, they really like it. after doing it as a class a few times, they want to do more. i’ve had students tell me after things like “When can we do yoga again?” “Let’s do that everyday” “Ms. Mayah my head feels better”.

for yoga with my younger students, i focus solely on breathing. mostly due to space issues (i want to ensure they’re safe- kids are naturally clumsy). also, just breathing is yoga.

day 1

December has been and always will be my favorite month of the year. In 23 days, I will be 20. To celebrate this I came up with the hashtag #24daysofmayah, where I plan on doing something special for myself every single day. These actions may be simple. Like today I went to a Gentle Yoga (Yin) class.  Also, I decided that each day I will make a blog post about something I’m grateful for, learned, etc.

So here is day one.

I am grateful for my growing connection to God. My whole life I’ve been close to God (that’s actually what mayah means), but within the last month the connection has become stronger than ever. In every aspect of my life I’ve been able to see God working. I am grateful that in my moments where I’m unsure, I can turn to God and feel comfort. To stay connected to God, I do yoga and meditation. I meditate every day and go to yoga about three times a week. After meditation and yoga I always feel so much more connected with God and at peace with my being. The tasks that I have been given in this lifetime are plentiful and I thank God for giving me the opportunity to serve Him.