tip #14

Night time hair care is key to retaining moisture! You have to make sure that you’re protecting your hair at night. This means you need a satin bonnet or pillow case. If your hair is natural you should try to braid it or twist it nightly or use the banding method (it makes for a really full bun). Also if your hair is pressed, rolling or wrapping your hair is good to keep your ends protected. Also castor oil and avocado oil really help!

tip #7

Protective styles are not only cute, but allow your hair to grow. Your ends need moisture and to be protected at all times. It’s fine to wear your hair done sometimes, but protective styles will allow your hair to grow. I try to do buns and French braids a lot, but French braids are the most protective. Most nights I braid my hair at night because it keeps my ends safe. Castor oil also helps to keep your ends nice!