shea butter, hair care and braids 

Winter weather is harsher for hair. This is the most important time of the year to practice good hair care tips. Below I have a few personal stories and sale details!

  • Braids

As of right now my hair is in ten braids. My roommate braided it last Sunday and they’re honestly looking better than they ever have. I saw some post on instagram and this woman mentioned that she did her daughters braids two weeks before and since she did the LOC method prior to braiding, her daughters braids were still moisturized. And after I saw this I stumbled across the instagram page of (sosheargenius), a hair stylist who mentioned in one of her posts about how pre-weave installation she used Jamaican black castor oil to moisturize braids. So after I got my hair braided, I just continued to oil my scalp, not adding any water whatsoever. After I found out about the Jamaican black castor oil, I started using it daily. My hair has gotten so soft after use and it feels very moisturized. For nightly protection I use a wrap (to secure my ends), a scarf and then a bonnet (which is optional I just like my pink bonnet). After five days my braids still look brand new! I’m so happy about this. I have had to lay my edges down (which are naturally blond and curly so I’m used to having to do this) and I did have to add a little leave in conditioner (shea moisture leave in from their strength, grow and restore Jamaican black castor oil collection) and Camille Rose Curlaide Moisture Butter to my ends which are seeming a little frail (which is fine it’s probably just time for a trim). Remember that trims are good for your hair! They allow styles to last longer and for you to rep all the benefits of hair growth. My hair appointment with my hair stylist is the 22nd, so I’ll see what’s going on with them then! For now I’m just trying to give them a little extra love and using coconut oil (just a tad bit because it is said to dull your hair in the winter).

Monday (braids done on Sunday)


  • Shea Moisture Sale

Until tomorrow, Shea Moisture is having a BOGO 50% off sale at Walgreens! This is huge! I love their Jamaican Black Castor Oil line (especially the leave in and shampoo (which is drying so watch out for that)). I also like their Coconut and Hibiscus Co-wash and curl enhancing smoothie. On their website they have an application that will tell you the best products for your hair type! You should take advantage of this! Also hair products make great holiday gifts!!

  • Hats and Bonnets

Lets face it hats are horrible for your ends. Whenever it snows you put a hat on and there is always that one piece in the back that gets wet (we’ve always been there). I saw something online about wearing a bonnet underneath a hat so I decided to try it. I put my bonnet on and made sure it was covered. To take it off I applied enough pressure where my bonnets edges were to get my bonnet and hat off at the same time. After I didn’t even have hat hair! I’m going to start doing this whenever I wear I hat! There is finally a solution for hat hair!

I hope these tips will help you on your hair journey. If you have any questions please feel free to comment below! I wish you all fabulous hair days and healthy hair! 

warm deep conditioning 

In my last blog post I talked about the new process I saw- about warming up deep conditioner prior to using it. Last time I co-washed my hair (which was friday) I decided to try the warmed up deep conditioner. I used my normal conditioners (Shea Moisture Manuka Honey and Marfura Oil Intensive Hydration Conditioner, Shea Moisure Yucca and Plantain Anti-Breakage Strengthening Conditioner, and Trader Joe’s Tea Tringle Conditioner), along with my deep conditioner (the shea moisture one), some olive oil and coconut oil. I warmed it up for thirty seconds and mixed it together. After I put it on, I showered and sat under the drier for twenty five minutes (twenty minutes hot and five minutes cool). After my hair was so soft. I did the LOC method and french braided my hair. My hair has never been so soft! I highly recommend warming up the deep conditioner! It will change your life! 

hair care regime changes

as the weather begins to get colder it’s time for an updated hair care regime! My roommate is still braiding my hair which has lead to a lot of growth in my hair (the picture of my hair pressed and curled is from the beginning of October, when I went home for fall break). I just wanted to share some tips for winterizing your hair routine!

  1. Deep condition weekly- Deep conditioning will help keep your hair moisturized, which is really important as the weather changes. I’ve read up on the benefits of warming up your deep conditioner prior to deep conditioning for added softness but I haven’t tried it. I have started to use Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Mask by Shea Moisture and I love it. I originally started using it because my roommate does and I’m glad I did! I still deep condition with my regular conditioners and add coconut oil, prior to putting on a plastic shower cap and sitting under my drier for about 25 minutes (twenty medium heat, 5 cool) 
  2. Eliminate coconut oil- My friends and I have a joke about how coconut oil is God’s second best creation (after Black women). I use coconut oil as a part of my everyday routine and I love it. Recently I’ve read a variety of reports that say that coconut oil (since it freezes at cold temperatures) will make your hair dull. In substitute for coconut oil my plan is to use olive oil, which is one of my favorites. I also use shea butter. 
  3. Protective style. I cannot stress this enough! Not only will it help your hair grow but it’s super cute! Braids  also keep your hair moisturized, which is why I’m able to go about five days without co-washing. It’s important to make sure you’re still hydrating your hair. I do the LOC method about every night. 

stay fabulous! and may all your days be great hair days!

my hair 

So recently as you know I have made my transition to college. Since school has started I’ve been getting used to my schedule and finding ways to get involved on campus. Below I have the latest information about my hair! My hair journey is ever-changing, especially since coming to college!

  1. Braids: Upon coming to school I was determined to just wear my hair braided. My hair stylist pointed out that the front was breaking off a bit, so I was like I’m going to work extra hard to keep my hair protected (I’ll talk more about why later). Since University of Michigan is such a huge university, I figured that I would be able to find someone who would be able to braid my hair. Luckily that person happened to be my roommate (which is fantastic). So last week she braided my hair on Friday, which I undid on Wednesday. Considering the fact that my hair was curly when she braided it and not blowed dry (plus it was all of my hair only), I’m surprised (and happy) it lasted that long! Though I don’t have full pictures of my hair, I do have a couple (along with a look I did with the braids). I also have attached the style I picked out (which I found on pintrest).
  2. Post Braids (More Braids lol):  After that, I french braided my hair in two french braids, the picture of that is from today. I enjoy just having two french braids because it is easy to maintain in general and it looks cute for a few days.
  3. Pre-College- I got my hair straightened before I came to college and I got my ends clipped. My curl definition is getting more and more defined, which I really like. Plus my hair is healthy and that is ALWAYS the goal. That picture was taken after I deep conditioned my hair. It’s growing a lot too which makes it easier to style.
  4. Apple Cider Vinegar in Strengthen, Grow and Restore Shampoo (by Shea Moisture)– As you all know I love shea moisture. It’s my favorite product brand cause it really keeps my hair moisturized. I use the strengthen, grow and restore leave-in conditioner and sometimes the regular conditioner so I decided to try their shampoo. I was washing my hair about every three days, to remove product. Since the product line is called strengthen, grow and restore I figured it is really good for my hair. I was wrong. This product is a clarifier, because it has apple cider vinegar. This means that the product restores your hair to it’s natural pH which can be affected by the products you use. Overall if your is oily, it works out really nice. But since my hair is drier it led to my hair not being as moisturized as it should have been. Luckily, I haven’t been using this product that often for a really long period of time. Restoring your hair to it’s natural pH is not a bad thing, my normal eczema shampoo did the same thing. It leaves your scalp and hair very clean. It just should not be done in excess. My hair stylist recommended shampooing my hair every ten days. I’ve decided that about half way through (or whenever my braids give out which is about half way through lol), I will cowash and just condition my hair.
  5. Conditioning- I love to condition my hair using coconut oil. I just use a little when I have conditioner on my hair and it makes it really soft when I rinse it out. I’ve decided that I will deep condition when I wash my hair (not cowash because I don’t want it to end up being that I deep conditioned twice in a week- overconditioning is not good). I sit under the drier between ten and twenty minutes (most of the time it’s just because I don’t feel like getting up again lol!). And I always make sure I rinse my hair out with cold water, which helps to seal in moisture. When I wash or cowash I use warm water, which opens up the hair follicles so that they can receive the moisture.

Overall I’ve been doing a lot with my hair recently. Just make sure that you’re finding things that work for you and using a stylist who knows what she’s doing. As someone who has had iffy hair stylists before, it is really important. My hair stylist currently is a professional colorist and even is trained to teach other people color. Make sure your hair stylist knows that they are doing and can help you out! Maintaining healthy hair is a journey, but you don’t have to do it alone!

May your curls forever stay poppin.


Summer Hair Tips 

Summer is in full swing, July has just arrived and the heat (hopefully) is coming. In the summer it’s easiest to let your curls be free but you have to make sure you’re taking care of them to the best of your ability. This means moisturizing, conditioning, deep conditioning and oiling your scalp on a regular basis. This summer I’ve tried a few new products I’ve really loved. I decided to try a new conditioner my sister told me about, Ogx thick & full, biotin & collagen conditioner. The conditioner is supposed to promote hair growth and keep your hair healthy. I like the conditioner because of how nice it leaves my curls, and how good it smells (the smell test is so important because you don’t want a smelly conditioner). I use it almost daily with my curls as a deep conditioner. This week I’ve been protective styling, deep conditioning daily, combing out my curls (wide tooth comb) and French braiding my hair (halo French braid, two of them connected in the back). It seems to be working nice. Protective styles for the summer are a must, along with moisturizing your hair. Recently I’ve also done a couple hot oil treatment. I used Jamaican mango & lime, pure Jamaican black castor oil. I left it on for about twenty minutes, washed my hair then conditioned it like normal. It seemed to work really nice on my hair. The newest deep conditioning method I’ve used is one my moms hair stylist told her about. I used conditioner and coconut oil, put that all over my head, put on a shower cap, heated up a wet towel for one minute, wrapped it around my head (left it on for five minutes) and rinsed out the conditioner after. That worked really nice on my hair. Remember that night time styles are important to because you want to protect your curls as much as possible. Happy styling!