how catching a cold helped me change my view

After turning nineteen and celebrating Christmas, I caught a cold. Since I have asthma, it made it a little more complicated for me. This basically just means that I stayed in the bed for three days. I left the house for the first time since Christmas today to go to dinner, and honestly I think it was good for me. I very rarely relax completely, for multiple days. Since I have been on break, I have had a couple days were I really did little to nothing. I think doing that has allowed me to understand that life  is a combination of having lot so f un, relaxing and spending time with people you love. Your health is important. That means eating healthy, being happy and stress-free, along with meditation. One thing I want to discuss is the concept of energy. Everyone has energy (which is what creates the vibe you get when you meet someone). Occasionally when you get connected with others (which can be through normal interactions), you can connect with their energy. It is important to stay inside of your energy, so that you only harvest problems that affect you (taking on others energy can take on their problems). I definitely will make sure that I preserve my positive energy and stay healthier in the future. I also am learning how to take care of myself. This is going to be really helpful for my future (and to help take care of others). Remember to take time to take care of yourself. Protect your energy. Stay positive. I wish you all healthiness, happiness and growth!


My favorite time of the year is Christmas. Well my birthday, then Christmas (since my birthday is on Christmas Eve, technically it comes first). I love the holiday season and the feeling of love. It’s beautiful. It’s the time of the year that you try to work on communicating with your loved ones, and helping others. It’s a time of service, without any compensation. It’s a time of love and joy and fun. It’s a time for physical healing. I’ve been lately trying to work out more, and eat healthier. Two of my new healthy drinks are green tea and hot lemon water. They help your system get back in balanced. Balance is key to staying healthy and staying happy. Take time to do little things with people you love. There is always time, and a time and a place for everything. Find yourself. It’s an amazing journey to be honest with you. Learn who you are. It sounds silly, but it’s so simple to lose yourself. Meeting your inner self, your inner child, is almost like meeting a different person. Make sure you take your time. Running from your past, and things that you cannot control is not a good idea. Take each day as a blessing and breathe. Sleep. Don’t forget about sleeping, but you cannot sleep away your problems. Stay brave. Listen to the music, drink some tea, and mediate. Trust me, it’ll do wonders.


Winter Fashions

This past Monday, I was in my schools’ prom fashion show. There were different styles modeled, specifically the Christmas looks, ripped jeans, old school versus new school, and prom. The pictures below are from the two scenes I was in, the Christmas scene and the prom scene. For the Christmas scene, I wore a black and white striped dress, with a red pashmina and black heels. For prom, I wore a black velvet dress, with creme shoulders and back with little studs on it. For Christmas, I think a traditional look is better, more blacks and whites but the pop of color (in my case red). I loved the ripped jeans look, specifically the ones from Forever 21. Our Fashion Club actually ripped their own jeans, which is extremely creative. Personally I layer, because I get cold fairly quickly. I like to wear boots normally . So just keep in mind the temperature when you’re dressing this winter. For prom there was a variety of short and long dresses, I wore a long dress, but for my prom I think I want to wear a shorter dress. I like the idea of wearing something more eye catching for prom, just like how I wore pants to homecoming (see my homecoming post if you haven’t seen my outfit). Just be comfortable in what you wear, confidence is everything. Stay fabulous!