i’ll be grateful, regardless

i’ve learned a lot within these past few months about gratitude.

I was talking to my best friend today about the faith crisis i had a couple of months ago.

i was in this space where i felt like i was constantly having to give up things/relationships that i didn’t want to. and i felt that i had no choice. and honestly, i was really angry with God.

i was angry that i was sad. i was angry that i was in the position i was in. but most of all, i was completely devastated.

i had to make a choice about my faith. if i really truly believed in God. if i really truly believed that He has this plan for me that’s greater than what i can imagine. if i want to lean into that, while still feeling all of the emotions.

and i decided i did. and i am still choosing to believe in God. i am still choosing my faith. i am still choosing growth.

i moved back to atlanta this past weekend and it’s already been a whirlwind of emotions. i’m making a lot of faith based decisions. i’m finishing graduate school. i’m moving to make sure i’m in a better space emotionally. practicing non-attachment. trying to stay present. figuring out what i can do to create happiness. trying to let myself know that these changes don’t always “feel” good. i’m praying for increased discernment. and trying to give myself more space to listen to God.

and y’all it is hard. and i will keep choosing growth.

día 13

I debated on just giving up #24daysofmayah. I’ve only done the first two days, but I decided I would catch up. To do so, I’ve decided I’ll do 11 things that have been reiterated to me within the last 11 days.

  1. Trust God’s timing- God’s timing is so much more perfect than mine.
  2. Try something new- See if you like it. if you don’t then you lost nothing and if you do you’ve gained something.
  3. Be vulnerable- your experiences are part of what makes you you. Be proud of them.
  4. Choose to view all of your experiences as growing and loving. Because they all helped you grow.
  5. Organize your time- waiting to the last minute just stresses you out.
  6. Be clear in what you want- and allow the space for the universe to create it.
  7. Nourish your body- you need food and water and sleep.
  8. Nourish your soul- yoga and meditation helps
  9. Do your hair- there’s something so empowering about a great twist out.
  10. Take some time out for you- stop rushing. live.
  11. Be thankful- you are blessed and highly favored. remember that.