18th Birthday

Well Merry Christmas to everyone! Yesterday was my 18th birthday, and I overall had a great day. I decided a while ago on my eighteenth birthday I was going to get a tattoo of a butterfly and underneath have the word free in cursive. So on the 23rd I made an appointment for 4 to get my tattoo on my birthday. I overall love my tattoo and what it symbolizes for me. In my journey I feel as if I’m now a butterfly. I have been in my “cocoon” for a while, but now since I’m legally an adult, I’m in my beginning stages of starting to blossom. I got free written underneath because I’m free. Not that I was ever “captured” but I’m free to grow as a person and fly. I think this symbolizes also my new beginning and a new chapter in my life. I’m more than excited to start this chapter in my life. I plan on taking this break as time off to spend with my family and really treat myself. It’s a nice time to recharge for the new year. Stay positive and have a happy holiday season! 



Each day is a fresh start. You are able to begin the day by making decisions and end the day the same way. Everyone gets the same 24 hours. Make the most of each day. My father always tells me that after you subtract: sleep (8 hours), school or work (8 hours), eat (1 hour), miscellaneous calls (1 hour), social media (1 hour), and travel time (1 hour), you then have 4 hours to really develop professionally or personally. Appreciate each day. Things will always change and continue to get better, in the end everything will be better. Stay hopeful.