how to know your relationship is over

No one gets in relationships to break up. When you enter a relationship your goal should be to be with that person. I’m not saying that you should be thinking marriage right off the bat but after a while (which is relative to the situation), it’s normal to start thinking about whether you would want to be with that person for life. Life is constantly changing and sometimes (sadly) relationships have to end.┬áBut there a signs to know when your relationship is coming to an end. Below are three major signs that your relationship is coming to an end.

  • Lack of communication

Communicating in a relationship is like eating healthy foods- it’s not “mandatory” but it is key to a healthy lifestyle/relationship. Without proper communication there will be unresolved issues, which can turn into unresolved recurring issues (which I’ll talk about). Bad communication allows arguments to happen. If you can communicate properly and work out your issues, then your relationship will be healthier. You always have to remember that effort works both ways. If the person doesn’t seem to want to work on communicating, that is a red flag that this relationship might not be right for you. You deserve someone who wants to make things work- so if they’re not it’s time for you to reevaluate the relationship.

  • Distance

Distance is good for relationships. It allows you to be your own individual people and keeps you from “losing” yourself by giving too much in a relationship. But at a certain point distance is toxic. I’m referring to the fact that relationships thrive on interaction. While being apart is good, little to no interaction may leave you feeling like you’re single while you’re really in a relationship. If you get to the point where you’re feeling like you never see them or they’re not making time for you consistently, it may be a sign that they don’t want the relationship anymore.

  • Unresolved reoccurring issues

All relationships have issues. But if it seems that there is truly a central issue, you have to really think about the five w’s and h:

who- who is affected?

why- why does this keep happening?

what- what can we do to solve this?

where- where does this problem start?

when- when is enough enough?

how- how does this problem keep happening?

These are good questions to use to really evaluate what is going on in your relationship. Some reoccurring issues can be solved but if it seems as if you’re always arguing over the same thing, it may be because you both want different things.

Relationships end for a variety of different reasons and you have to understand that this is all happening for a reason. And that everything is in divine order. Eventually you’ll understand why the relationship ended and be content. Time heals all.

London (Bridge is falling down)


For my senior year Spring Break trip, my school went to London, England. Not only was this one of the best trips I’ve ever went on, it was extremely educational. This was all really thanks to our amazing tour guide Alex, and I promise you if they ask me to give him a review it will be the best review I’ve ever written. He was friendly, fun and very informative. I learned a lot of history and about the British culture. Though it’s like a totally different world across the pond, with their Queen and constant flow of people in London (with a population of over 8 million), it was amazing. So amazing, I’m thinking that I’m going to just have to move there. (Excuse me if I say amazing a lot- there are only so many positive adjectives I can use!) There is so much to do and I love it. We did tons of things during our week there, including trips to Buckingham Palace (The Queen’s weekday home), Stonehenge, Bath (where the Roman Baths are; setting for the Wife of Bath’s Tale in Canterbury Tales), Windsor Castle (the Queen’s weekend home), we went to the British National Museum and we even saw The Play That Goes Wrong. The Play That Goes Wrong was probably one of the funniest (if not the funniest) play I’ve ever seen. The acting was phenomenal. London is home to a lot of museums and being the art junkie I am, I loved it. They had so much art, even some that was featured in my AP Art History course. If I talked about all of the other fantastic things we did, I’d be literally talking for hours. So I’ll just mention the highlights. The London Eye was amazing. You can literally see all of London from inside of your pod. Though it was quite pricey (23 pounds), it was worth it. I got some amazing pictures (featured below). I also loved visiting Shakespeare’s childhood home and going to the Globe Theatre. We got to do this activity in groups were we acted out some of Romeo and Juliet. It was a lot of fun but it also taught me how I can go about studying Shakespeare (reading aloud is KEY). I really enjoyed my trip, loved my roommates and am even going to be featured on an upcoming British TV show!


 London Eye 

London Eye (with my love)

Roman Baths 

East Side Street Art 

Globe Theatre 


 London Eye View 

Van Gogh’s Sunflowes 

Shakespeare’s house 

Lent Update

So on the first day of lent I swore off sugar and swearing. I’m a rule follower so I stuck to it for about two weeks. I only ate the bare minimum of sugar and even had a breakdown (caffeine withdrawals) Then I read something on Twitter and it was something on the order about someone passing away. I reflected on my life and realized I need to value myself. I took the time to realize my accomplishments, my happiness, and invested in what I wanted. I reevulated relationships and had discussions on what would make me happy. It put me on cloud nine to finally be happy with where I am. Though I’m no longer on cloud nine, I’m completely at peace with where I am. I’ve decided to take lent as a growing experience. I’ve learned to loosen up a bit. And that to me is priceless.