cultivating happiness on purpose

i write this as a brief note, while my students are at specials. i have more yoga i want to do (this time hatha (asana) whereas this morning it was about 45 minutes of kundalini (asana with more pranayams and meditations).

in my last relationship, there was a lot of happiness. it was very much this space of finding what made me happy and figuring out how to implement it. and while i’m still grieving the fact that we are in a different phase, i am grateful for all i have learned.

one of my biggest things recently, within the last few months has been trying to figure out how i can cultivate my own happiness. how i can incorporate it some of the practices i had in my previous relationship into my daily life.

it’s been about figuring out what makes me happy and doing it on a daily basis. i read once that your daily decisions make up your life, and that stuck with me.

while practicing non-attachment, i’ve been trying to embrace doing things just because i want to. we are such a “results oriented” society. so it’s like if i don’t get x result, i often feel like it was worthless.

i wrote about this a little bit when i talked about breese, my snake plant that died, that i didn’t feel like it was worthless. and i feel the same abut my last relationship too. events don’t make things decrease in value.

your growth is valuable. so keep choosing it.

healing “too” fast

cues “too fast” by sonder.

a couple weeks ago, i endured a heart breaking loss, of my best friend. my favorite person. for about a week, i was confused, in shock and slightly in denial. for this week, it’s been mostly about accepting reality and trying to be more present.

so i’ve been doing a lot of intentional healing. more meditations and yoga (mostly kundalini), more space to think. and lately i’ve been having this fear of healing “too fast”.

like that i’ll heal and then she’ll back in and i’ll be over it. that i’ll no longer want to try.

and it’s been really getting to me.

ive been trying to live in this space of duality, where multiple truths exist. and while i acknowledge my feelings, i understand that it comes from a place of fear of change.

and me clinging to the past.

so how do i move past this?

by pushing myself to keep doing the healing. by keeping my faith strong in the fact that i KNOW all will be well.

even though it doesn’t feel well right now.